Monday, March 28, 2011

When a good boy goes....awry ! (also, inside Chris Brown's album release party)

In 2007 Rihanna released her third album "Good Girl Gone Bad"; now her ex, Chris "Breezy" Brown seems to be following in her footsteps...but not quite skyrocketing into fame like the red-headed beauty...instead he seems to be spiralling outta control right before our very eyes! The young, talented cutie who once graced the stage and won all our hearts is apparently aiming for "Good Boy Gone BADDDD!" 

Chris - on left- after one of his killer performances a few years ago
...and on right - after his "Good Morning America" incident recently

He is young, handsome and undeniably ridiculously talented (he sings, dances, writes, he's an artist --Chris did most of the artwork on his latest album F.A.M.E. -- and so much more) ...

So what is happening to Chris Brown? I am so saddened by this because he is one of those people who has been blessed in every sense of the word! He has the looks, he is gifted, he has run the gamut in the entertainment industry and showed soooooo much promise for a very lucrative career. Yet, it seems he has
no guidance as to what to do with it all.
Where are the people in his camp? Is there noone around him to help him pull it together?
I am hoping that this is just a phase. He is young and I hope he gets just enough madness out of his system to not harm himself or completely ruin his career.
I am rooting for you Chris!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Inside Marsha Ambrosius Listening Party

Here's a sneak peek inside Marsha Ambrosius Listening Party for her debut solo album "Late Nights and Early Mornings", courtesy my cousin, J'Nell, (who was the videographer) and of course the fab TV and Radio personality, Egypt.
All beautiful ladies doing big things! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thankful for our Blessings!

This past weekend was a celebratory one. Firstly, my son's basketball team won the Championships for their division (YAAAAAAY!!!!) and secondly, we celebrated my son's birthday!
He forfeited a birthday party in light of the tournament. The date and time was sketchy (since the CYO kept changing it) and so planning a party would've been risky. Well some of the parents got wind of it and decided that was so "noble" of him that they were going to celebrate it anyway!
It was very touching to me.

My son's birthday cake
(the shirt is vanilla cake with hazelnut filling and the basketball is chocolate cake)

Across the world we all heard about and watched the devastation in Japan and surroundings is absolutely heartbreaking!
So despite whatever's happening in my life that may not be the way I want it to be at that moment, I continue to be grateful for all my blessings. I am okay, my son's okay, my friends and family are well and safe...we have MUCH to be thankful for.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nets/ Clippers game

Went to the Nets/Clippers game on Friday. It was a REALLY good game. I was rooting for the Clippers since my son is a Blake Griffin fan, but both teams played really well, especially Jordan Farmer and Kim Kardashian's boo, Kris Humphries.
The Nets were down by about 10 in the first half and I was almost sure the Clippers were going to win...but the Nets made a come-back and in the last quarter tied 94-94. They went into overtime and the finally the Nets won 102 - 98.

Blake Griffin

Kris Humphries

And the highlight of the game for me was when the dinosaur got into a fight with someone in the crowd! I don't know what happened but all I saw was a big fluorescent green dino diving into the crowd! hahahaha Like really? You're wearing this big girly dino outfit? WHAT could the guy have possibly done to piss off the dino? Pull his tail? (literally?) It was tooo funny! Security had to physically remove the dinosaur! Hilarious!

Dino being hurled away ! ^^^ lol

After the show there was a performance by Hezekiah Walker and his choir! I think it was rehearsal for his concert this weekend right there in Prudential.
Hezekiah Walker

It was a long but fun night!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This Little Light

A friend of mine runs this non-profit organization and I think it's for such a good cause that I wanted to share with you. I hope you will support as well...

"This Little Light, Inc. (“TLL”) is a non-profit organization formed in April 2008, to serve the under-privileged, homeless and sheltered women and children of New Jersey. This Little Light is heavily supported by Oasis Christian Centre and their congregation, along with donations and sponsorships from various groups, organizations, small businesses and individuals.

In December 2008, TLL hosted their first “Annual Christmas Party”. Homeless, sheltered and foster children from New Jersey and New York were treated to a holiday celebration complete with “wish list” gifts and a visit from Santa Claus.

In May, 2009 TLL, hosted a “Pamper Me Day” for the women in the shelters. The women were treated to complete makeovers. Our volunteers were hair stylists, manicurists and make-up artists, each one blessing the women with their talents. Afterwards, lunch was served and gifts were presented to all the women. Child care was provided on premises so the mom’s had a worry free Pampering Day.

Recently added to our annual calendar is our Summer Picnic. With plenty of food and activities, including games, arts & crafts and the Fun Bus, the picnic has quickly become a favorite with our clients and their families.

The tireless work of our staff, volunteers and supporters help to make each event a success. Because of these hard working individuals, we are able to continue to offer these three events annually, while continuing to respond to the many needs throughout the year.

TLL also volunteers once a month at a nursing home where we enjoy the company of their seniors.

In April, 2010 TLL was given a Certificate of Appreciation from the YWCA Eastern Union County for the work we do with them. We were also given a Citation from the State of New Jersey General Assembly.

TLL is able to continue its work due to donations from corporations, small businesses and individuals as well as individual fundraising. We are grateful to those who have supported TLL and we are always looking to partner with new organizations, corporations and individuals that wish to support our efforts.

Our goal is to be a resource to the community, to be able to help, support and provide where needed. It is our desire to be able to make a child feel good inside and grow up knowing that they matter to others. Our future goal is to be able to provide college scholarships. Our goal is to help women, who are leaving domestic situations to become financially sound through education and to build confidence and self-esteem.

If you would like more information, or would like to partner with This Little Light, please contact Kim Berry at P.O. Box 7302, Roselle, NJ or e-mail Thank you for taking the time to learn about This Little Light, Inc.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.” Matthew 5:16"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Late Nights and Early Mornings

Besides becoming the story of my life, it's also the title of Marsha Ambrosius' new album.

I fell in love with her voice and style when I heard her sing "Four Women" (click here to see her awesome performance with the phenomenal Jill Scott, Ledisi and Kelly Price).
This album is growing on didn't quite grab me right away, except for "Far Away" which I LOVE and "Butterflies" which I recently found out she penned for the greatest entertainer of all time - Michael Jackson! But having listened to it a few times, I like "Lose Myself", "I Want You To Stay" and I LOVE the music in "Sour Times"...such a sexy song!

Speaking of sexy, my cousins and I discovered this statue at a cute little French restaurant in NY this past weekend. At first we thought it was quite the conversation piece, and later found out that the sculpture was actually designed after 2 women...the top half of the body is one lady and the bottom half is another...ah, the French ...c'est la vie!

"When we narrow our focus, the problem seems everything" ~ Mark Nepo

I had a beautiful weekend which turned into chaos at the beginning of the week. Sometimes you wonder how one moment could transition into another so well, yet the very next moment could morph into a headache! LIFE !
I had to walk away, pray and re-group. This morning life is better again...not perfect...but better.
It's all about perspective. When you focus on the problem, it sucks all your energy, your joy, your very being! When you focus on the solution(s), YOU take control, YOU make the choice to be happy.
You decide!

It is not always easy, but possible.

"Very often, we continue, out of habit or fear,
to behave in old ways
even though we know that the way of things has changed.
Time and again, I have found myself at this crucial juncture: having to admit that what was essential
is no longer essential
 and then needing to summon the courage to make the act of living essential again."
~ Mark Nepo

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Someone like you"

As promised, I told you I'd let you know which songs are my faves on Adele 21...I still LOVE all but I think I REALLY love:
#11 Someone Like You (found the video on Billboard...LOVE HER!!!!!)

#3 Turning Tables
#5 Set Fire to the Rain
#8 I'll Be Waiting

Something as simple as this...

A few days ago I was heading out to dinner, and as I was getting dressed I picked up one of my favorite pairs of earrings and realized the hook was broken. A little bit of sadness washed over me, not only because it was a fave pair, but also because so many memories came back to me at that moment.
I don't even think I bought them, if I remember correctly my best friend had given them to me. I LOVE chandelier earrings, and she knows my style and taste. Anyway I've used them for YEARS! If you think YBF ripped on Meagan Good for repeatedly wearing her "door-knocker" earrings, then they REALLY would've had a field day with me! lol

Meagan Good (on right of course) and her infamous earrings
Pic from stylebistro

But I LOVED my earrings! I was madly in love at the time (literally!..the stories I could tell hahaha) and I remember the excitement of dressing up and going out with him...and those earrings. I remember all the dinners, parties, outfits, moments that we shared...I remember the heartbreak when we were fading...and still wearing and loving those earrings.
One New Year's Day, I was all dolled up and looked absolutely gorgeous, (you know when you look and feel stunning?) and he glazed right over me. It was as though I wasn't even there. I cried so much that night...the kinda cry when you actually feel your heart break? I looked like Courtney Love, minus the guitar!

Courtney Love...and I think this is one of her good days
I looked waaay worse than this.

I remember looking in the mirror at my tear-stained, makeup-all-over-the-place face, and taking off those earrings.
So I'm a little sad to throw them out, but I smile to myself at how far I've come. At the time I thought I'd literally die from a broken heart, and here I am stronger than before. It's a much different time in my life. I'm happy again, but my joy comes from within now. Everything else is a bonus! I love passionately because it's who I am, but this time not at the expense of my self-worth.

"I was destined to repeat the pain of rejection,
no matter how skillfully I handled it,
until I opened the door of self-worth"
~ Mark Nepo