Friday, April 9, 2010

Some things I discovered on my trip...

1. I read Tichina Arnold's blog entry where she was sympathetic to another mom who was having a hard time with a fussing baby on a flight. I was seated next to a mom on my flight and while she was comforting her child by bouncing her on her leg I tried to be equally sympathetic...well the bouncing motion made me airsick and we hadn't even taken off yet. It was then I realized that I'm NOT Tichina!

2. Saw some teens on the flight with fresh packs of crayons and coloring books. My initial reaction was that they were a little too old for that...until I remembered my love for fresh packs of crayons...especially the packs with the sharpener? ahhhhh that new crayon smell! Who says you're too old to enjoy the simple things in life?

3. One of the richest cities in the world (Los Angeles) has such a high rate of homeless people (90,000). I met a homeless man named Tyrone. A few mins of convo with him and I still cannot get him off my mind.

4. I highly doubt I'll ever live in LA! The tremors from a 7.2 earthquake TWO HOURS AWAY were enough to convince me.

5. I was surprised to find that not everyone is like what you see on "The Hills", "90210" or any of those shows...they were surprised that I am nothing like the characters from "Jersey Shore"

6. I met a female musician who's played with the real Nathaniel (portrayed by Jamie Foxx in "The Soloist"), and realized that 6 degrees of separation might really be like 2!

7. On the return flight home I was seated in the row behind gassy babies and sneezing passengers and it was then that I decided I really have to work towards my private jet!


AnaMontes124 said...

FUNNY..i was just talking yesterday about how i dont believe in the law of 6 degrees of seperation but i do believe in the one of 2 degrees

Jillian said...

You arent lyin about #2 As old and preggo as I am I love the smell of new crayons! As I do coloing its a great stress reliver :) As for #7 Im with ya! :) Love your blog page

Love always Jillian xoxo