Thursday, May 27, 2010


1. I'm loving Toni Braxton's new cd "Pulse"

2. Also loving Usher's "Raymond vs Raymond"

3. I re-discovered a love of vanilla/ chocolate pudding!

4. In love with this weather...yesterday while driving, with all the windows down, I yelled "I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!" My son said "mom it's not even Summer yet" ......but whatever! lol

5. Kids' activities consume a HUGE chunk of your life!!! Yesterday another parent texted me "I just passed you", turns out she and her kids had just finished their sports activities and were headed for dinner, while we were doing the same.

6. I should get endorsements for Bath and Body's "P.S. I Love You" because a LOT of people are asking me what fragrance I'm wearing, then buying it (ahem Sheila? lol)

7. Burger King has YUMMY new riblets!! (They called ribs but they're too small to be a real rib so I re-named it! lol). They smell like they're straight off the grill...ahhhhhh Summer!

8. Saw Cirque du Soleil's "Ovo" and if you haven't seen it you should....awesome show...if you're in the NY area I think it ends on June 4th.

9. Congratulations to Ann Ruckert for her American Eagle Award!!!!!! (Also awarded were Kenny Rogers and Suzanne Vega)

10. Did I say how much I'm loving this weather? No jacket, sandals, little shorts and pretty dresses? L-U-V!
A lot of luv is in the air! ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


My girl Alicia Keys' single "Unthinkable" debuted on BET's 106 & Park yesterday. The video was NOTHING like I expected, but in true AKeys' fashion, and as her "Element of Freedom" cd suggests, expect the unexpected.
This is one of my FAVE songs!
Here's the video (thanks to Masta Lee and Essence)...

Un-thinkable (I'm Ready) from Masta Lee on Vimeo.

She is absolutely stunning in this video with her curvy self  - u go Alicia!

And speaking of stunning, I was saddened to hear about the death of Ms. Lena Horne. I had no idea she was 92!!!!
She was the first black performer to sign a deal in Hollywood. She was straight outta Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.
Beautiful...classic...sophisticated...talented....singer.....actress...civil rights activist...icon...trailblazer...and so much more. People like Ms. Horne just 'wow' you.
My friend and music mentor, Ann Ruckert, raves about James Gavin's book called "Stormy Weather: The Life of Lena Horne", I am yet to read it but definitely going to make it a priority!
Supposedly Oprah is going to produce the biopic on Ms. Horne, and Alicia is set to play lead! I am SO looking forward to that.

Pictured here: Alicia Keys and the legendary Ms Lena Horne
(Essence image)

R.I.P. Ms Lena Horne (June 30, 1917 - May 9, 2010)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Odd Couple

I read about this "couple" in a magazine and I thought it was both cute and funny. There is a deeper meaning to it though; like the reporter says at the end of the video, "If they could do it, what's our excuse?"
Watch the video and see for yourself...

Also wanted to send Happy birthday shout-outs to all my peeps who's celebrated birthdays so far in May: Jo who's on vaycay at the moment, my girl Lala, little diva Anela, my longtime friend Karen who I am soooooo happy to re-connect with via facebook and my fam Dora and Sacha!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!!!

A friend of mine sent out an e-mail with best wishes for Mothers' Day. It was so heartfelt and beautiful that I asked him to share on my blog:

"I want to take this opportunity to wish our cherished Moms a very Happy Mother's Day.
I must admit, this is a bittersweet time for me. I lost my Mom over 11 years ago. While the pain I feel has eased with time, there is still an ache that occupies the space only Alice Hunt Wallace was ever able to fill.

Please understand; I don't share this to dampen your mood on this special weekend. But rather to remind you all, mothers and children, how blessed you are to have one another. We often lose sight of that by allowing petty differences and the "noise" of hectic lives to drown out what's most important; that this is a relationship carved by God's hand and nurtured by a mother's unconditional love. No one will ever love you like your Momma; no one.

That said my heartfelt regards goes out to the single mom, the fun mom, the absent-minded mom, the corny mom, the cranky mom, the talkative mom, the silent mom, the "in your business" mom, the *seemingly* uninterested mom, the fierce and fabulous mom, the "I know I still got it" mom, the conservative mom and the "just happy to be a mother" mom. They all give the best they can the only way they know how and deserve so much more in return.

My Momma and I had our ups and downs. No relationship, especially one as complex as mother and child is ever perfect. However I wouldn't trade one second of the life I shared with her. I am at peace knowing that no matter what, she knew I loved and respected her dearly, her final memory of her son as she passed on to glory.

I look back at my life and cannot think of a single aspect that my mother did not influence. Our good days far outweighed the challenging moments. The man I've become is a vivid reflection of my Mother. I walk with pride, dignity, integrity, compassion, faith and most of all strength with her as my foundation.

I hope you all will always have that peace. This weekend, while the flowers and the dinners and the gifts are nice and certainly deserved, take a moment and remind your Mom that her love is what drives you, nourishes your soul and gives you strength. These days are precious. More importantly they are not promised. Live each day with the thought, that if you were to part tomorrow, your Mom could never doubt you loved her beyond measure."

Well said......HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!!!

Remember Patra?

Recently I was reading an article in Essence about Patra. It was a comparison to Rihanna's "Rudeboy" and although Patra is not who comes to mind when I see Rihanna's video, it was a nice 'blast from the past'...I was like "oh yeahhhhhh, Patraaaaaaa"!!!!!
I remember when Patra was performing in Trinidad and I wanted to go soooo badly (plus got a free ticket to go) but I knew my grandmother would KILL me! So I said I was going to something in church but headed straight to the concert. (I know, I know, slap on wrist!). I was having so much fun until they started rocking the lights in the stadium!!!!!! I remember thinking "If a riot breaks out then I'd REALLY be in trouble!!". So she told the audience that she'd have to stop the concert if safety was a concern, the crowd calmed down and we were able to enjoy the rest of the show.
Patra was wicked! The dances were rated RRRRRRRR, she had crazy toned legs in those cut-up shorts, beautiful skin and was like the Lil Kim of the Caribbean. She was doing and saying the things that, secretly, women wanted to do and say, but just wouldn't.
Patra taught me that my booty is actually called a "Bumper" and at some point I would need a "Worker Man" in my life (writing note to self "get.... worker..... man!").
I studied her videos (I think it was on "Video Soul" at the time?) and yet I was no Patra! lol
When I finally made it home, I was in SERIOUS trouble!!!......... (but was it worth it?... YES, yes it was! lol)

Here's to the "Queen of the Pack"...

Wasn't the ice sculpture in this video 'hot'??

Rolling deep with YoYo & 'Pac...

She was rocking those "slick oil" pants waaaaay back when....

What's your Patra memory?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo People!

Ok I've been slipping with this blog; the days are getting warmer and I just don't know how to act! I mean the sandals are out, the skin is showing...THIS is my kinda weather! And soooooo much has been happening in the world! My goodness! Someone tried to vaporize NYC (people, people, c'mon!), Iceland's volcano proved to us that we are all subject to Mother Nature's plans, Halle Berry and Gaby breakup :( (hey I was really rooting for them) and Naomi Campbell confesses on Oprah that she doesn't think she is beautiful? (She is STUNNING to me by the way!)

The world has gone mad I tell you... MAD!!

However, many great things ARE also happening elsewhere in the globe. Recently I went to Grammy Jam in NYC where I had the pleasure of not only meeting some of the best in the music business but also seeing them perform!
Here's the beautiful and talented Nicki Richards, who rocked the house, especially with her version of the Tina Turner classic "Proud Mary".

Nicki Richards, tiny but powerful

Beth Ravin (percussions)

Tom Chapin on auto harp (Grammy Award singer/ songwriter)

Mr Freddie Jackson with an impressive rendition of his hit "You Are My Lady"

With Gordon Chambers after the show (who penned "I apologize" by Anita Baker and so many more)

Now I didn't get a chance to meet this lady because most of the time she was deep in convo and I didn't want to interrupt, but I would've liked to....
...and this must be the biggest hat I have ever seen! Maybe she's a designer or something...

Lady with fabulous hat!

Then I FINALLY met Musical Director Ray Chew! I've wanted to meet him ever since his work on Alicia Keys' "Diary" and I thought maybe one day at the Grammys or something, and whaddya know...

Ray Chew and I at Grammy Jam :)
(Proof that dreams DO come true!)

...and here I am with the gracious, Producer extraordinaire Barry Eastmond.

And Mothers' Day is this weekend....are you ready? Honestly, I believe mothers should be honored EVERY day. This whole theory of celebrating on that one day till next year ? Uh uh!
Now I admit I sit back and reap the benefits. I love getting the phone calls, the texts, the flowers, the gifts, breakfast, lunch AND dinner invitations...I love it all! I LOVE FEELING DA LOVE!!! But really, moms have the brunt of the 'bull' work everyday! (Some moms, and some dads too, but the focus is on the mamas right now). 
A Mother deserves to be treated like the Queen she is EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Motherhood beats ANY full-time job you could ever imagine. Yes, moms tend to get on your nerves, (I think that's a pre-requisite) you NEVER understand what they mean when you're younger but when you're older, if you're lucky, you come to realize just how invaluable they really are.
Moms are Blessed with that 'gut' feeling that protects you for a lifetime. They think of you when you're sick, well, happy, sad, near or far. It is a love that is simply inexplicable.
And yes, many of you COULD counter argue "not MY mom!, she was horrible and did  XYZ to me" and perhaps that is true, but be ever mindful that she IS human and we are all prone to making mistakes. Whatever the issue lying between you, is it SO bad that you cannot call her and tell her how much you love her? That even though you don't understand why she acted/ acts a certain way you just want her to know that you appreciate her? If God forbid something happened to her, would you be okay with the way things are between the two of you? Sometimes it's complicated, I understand, so I wish you and your mom all the best.
And we all know a mom isn't someone who just gave birth to you. A mom is someone who has taken on that role and cared for you, nurtured you, protected you and loved you unconditionally.
So if you are a mom, hats off to you! I KNOW the work it takes to raise a child/ children and all my love and blessings to you and your family.
And if you are not a mom, I wish you and your family the best all the same.
Happy Mothers' Day today and everyday!
Luv from my heart straight to yours!