Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bitten by the Bieber Bug!

Yesterday I went to the movie screening of Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never". I know he's cute and talented but so are millions of other kids. I couldn't understand what the whole craze was about, "Bieber Fever" and all that, so I figured I'd check it out.
I took my son and a friend of his (who is an absolute fan!!!). As we waited for the movie to begin they played Justin Bieber songs, and the only thing these excited girls didn't do was raise their cell phones and started swaying from side to side! For a minute I thought I was at a JB concert! They knew every song, some of them had their Bieber books with them; I mean the buzz in the room was definitely tangible!
But after having watched the movie, I HAVE to admit, I too have been bitten by the Bieber bug!
The kid is awesome! Not only is he a cutie, he sings, plays several instruments (guitar, piano, drums and trumpet), but he's also humble and well-grounded, and his family seems to be very loving and supportive. And his fans?? LOYAL!!!! When I heard about his fans threatening Kim Kardashian I thought it was funny, but his fans are not kidding AT ALL!! The little girl I invited knew every single detail about the Biebs and when I mentioned that she might be his #2 fan, given the competition in the room, she gave me this look that really made me fear for my life!! lol

One of the souvenirs which his #1 fan took...
She is pictured holding this sign but I cropped her out of the photo in case other fanatics read  

It's a very inspiring story and if you're not a fan, this movie might very well change your mind.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I wanna know is...

WHO PISSED OFF MOTHER NATUUUUURRRREEEEE?? O M Goodness! This snow is driving me CRAZY!! Back to back like this?? Everytime I think that's it...MORE SNOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!

The driveway this morning

I'm knee deep in it...
well on the bright side, it's better than being knee deep in...

Look at the van...yes, that's a van

Any other morning I have to wake him for school -__-
yes, he's in his pj's

hey don't judge me!

And there's supposed to be more this weekend...and next week...and aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SOTU (State of the Union)

President Obama
(Wiki images) 

Did you watch the State of the Union address last night? Chances are you did, and it certainly was the trending topic on Twitter and Facebook!
I am always so impressed by President Obama's dignified manner; a shining example of maintaining his integrity despite the odds. I wasn't feeling Mr John Boehner AT ALL (The Speaker of the House); his body language reeked of attitude and at times he looked as though it was painful to clap... but that's another story.

President Obama touched on some very core topics, especially the structure of education in this country. I was at home saying "mmmhhhmmm, Amen!" to most of what he said because right now that is a major concern for me (I am noticing a rapid decline in academic standards at my son's school). Not all teachers are teaching anymore, they are "data presenters" or "facilitators" as one parent said to me. There is an acceptance of mediocrity in today's society and it is infiltrating the schools. According to President Obama, "when a chid walks into a classroom, it should be a place of high expectations and high performance".  If we don't have that foundation, such an elementary level, what is going to happen to future generations?

Speaking of future generations, my son thought it funny that the President received major applause when he mentioned Google and Facebook lol, and when the business owners were addressed, he turned to me and said "you know he's talking to me right mommy" (yes he sells school supplies to his friends...and pretty much anyone with a dollar lol...see here
This generation comes out the womb knowing how to operate computers, ipads and allllll the latest in technology. The days of aspiring to receive that pension and gold watch are looooong gone. This generation is changing the rules, changing the game and blazing their own trail. However, every generation stands on the shoulders of those who came before them...are we giving our children the support they need?

There were many other things the President addressed which I won't delve into here but you can check out the White House website for more info and footage of the speech.
By the way, did Michelle Obama rock her silver ensemble or what? You were working the hair and the Riri nails Lady O Winking smile ...and that's another thing before I wrap this up, critics are all over the First Lady's style, commenting on every outfit, every hairstyle...let me just say this, y'all are lucky that I'M not First Lady ok? Vacation in hot ass Arizona? Yes I'm breaking out the poompoom shorts and flipflops! I ain't about to DIE of heatstroke to please y'all. And if I FEEL like traipsing around Spain for 3 - 4 days or 2 weeks for that matter, none of your business!! After supporting my household and being the buffer from all you vultures out there, shoot I'd run with the damn bulls out there if I wanted to but luckily America, y'all have Michelle Obama as First Lady and not me!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Sometimes you meet people in life who are tell-it-like-it-is people; realistic, genuine people. When you do, treasure that person, because in a world where people are afraid to be honest with you or even more detrimental, with themselves, a true friend is someone to hold dear.
There is no room for ego; they will be there as you cry, they will share the smiles and the good times, heck even something as simple as a really good cup of coffee and a very crude joke lol.
When you find someone like that, don't take them for granted, be thankful for them because it is one of life's most precious gifts.
Happy birthday to an awesome friend, Ana!

(Also wanna say Happy birthday to my friend Wendell who's secretly an Oprah fan...admit it Wendell, just admit it! lol)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"...even the deepest pain will pass."

Finally my copy of "The Book of Awakening" came in the mail. I saw it on Oprah (no, I am not in the book club WENDELL lol) and I was compelled to check it out.
I thought it would be a fairly quick read but it's more of a daily inspirational guide. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet but I'm going to read it as intended (daily) to get the most out of it.

Some of the phrases or quotes are so powerful to me. I have learned (and am still learning) to let go, to live authentically (hey there IS only one me ;) and no matter what grief you are experiencing - death of a loved one, you're heartbroken, whatever it is, "even the deepest pain will pass."

So as I read this book, I'll sprinkle a few quotes here and there in my blog but I urge you to get a copy, read it yourself, and hopefully you get something poignant from it too.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moving on up...

Robert and I

For 10 years Massage Mogul, Robert Ballatt, has been in business. He is the magic (hands) behind Just1Touch, his mobile spa company.
I met Rob at a mutual friend's party. He was, as always, working, and was offering massages. At first I was hesitant about getting the massage, as was other females there. Everyone was just enjoying the party and kinda chilln' really, then eventually they started taking turns with Rob (so to speak).
One by one females disappeared behind closed doors with him, only to emerge looking like they were in some kind of orgasmic trance!! I began to wonder "What the HECK is he doing in there??".
Matter of fact, lemme have a double dose of whatever SHE just had please!!!

Women would come out of the room smiling, eyes glazed over, hair tousled but noone complaining (and you know 'sistas' don't play with their hair!), just happy...a lil toooo happy!  So I went into the room to investigate myself...
...moments later I too was hooked on Rob!
At my birthday party, Mandy Mania, last year.
Just1Touch did the massages, and pretty much took care of us.
Ladies let me tell you!!! If you have never had one of his massages, book an appt NOWWWW!!!!
Self-conscious? Nervous? Hesitant? Trust me on massage from this man and you will be singing a completely different tune! (And trust me, a few of my friends could testify!)
 Recently Rob was acknowledged in Together As One, in a Black Entrepreneur Spotlight. Read article here
So Robbie Rob I want to say "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!". You are living proof that hard work, passion and drive are keys to success. Keep moving on up, hold steadfastly to God and best wishes for many more years of success.
Much luv!
Visit to schedule an appt with the Massage Mogul himself, or to book your pamper party!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Girl, Get Your Mind Right!"

Last weekend I finally had a chance to visit "Loveys"...a new ultra-feminine boutique in Brooklyn, owned by Tionna Tee Smalls...yes, the sassy chic trying to help Chilli find a man in VH-1's "What Chilli Wants".
I wasn't able to make the store opening but I was lured there, not only out of curiousity, but also because Tionna is one heck of a marketer! She is the perfect example of using Social Media to the fullest! She's on Facebook, Twitter, on tv...shoot, I have her right up there with Diddy when it comes to promoting, and trust me, Diddy can pretty much sell you the air you breathe!

With Tionna in Loveys

The boutique sits "pretty in pink" right in the heart of Bed-Stuy, and when I asked her about the color choice, her reason was just that: for every female to enjoy the experience of shopping in Loveys; to feel pretty, sexy, feminine (plus she loves the color! lol)

Peep the's really used to display just the accessories but I felt like I should order the "outfit" as a costume for Trini Carnival this year...hey, don't judge me!

Marilyn Monroe featured in the store as well as many other "divas"
Lil Kim ("gotta rep for Bklyn" as Tionna said), Ms Diana Ross, Pam Grier, and more

I wondered why Tionna chose the pictures she did and she said because they are "all strong women, all divas", and she is very passionate about young girls having someone to admire. She wants any little girl out there to see that it is possible to become successful no matter what the circumstance. She grew up in East New York and now owns a boutique, has written 2 books, and fulfilled one of her dreams of being on television.

Here I am with one pair of the earrings I bought from Loveys.

And anyone who knows me knows how much I love little details.
The earrings I bought came in this little satchel, in the cutest shopping bag...
...presentation is everything!

I was so impressed with Ms Tionna and her fiery determination to succeed that I bought her new book "Girl, Get Your Mind Right!". It's a funny, interesting, quick read. You feel like one of your girlfriends is talking to you, RAW... brutally honest, but exactly what you need to hear.  

Pick up your copy now, and if you're in the Brooklyn area, check out Loveys located at 377 Marcus Garvey Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11221.

Heyyyyyyy I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

2 weeks into you guys doing? All is well in my world and looking forward to a great year (God Willing).
I was hibernating... a little ...over the holidays and I must say, it was a well-spent staycation!
Here's a glimpse...

I asked Santa for something special from this store...
...all I got was a used car salesman's #

Was drafted into a studio

Made Bread Pudding...was creative with this one :0 lol

My poor sis trying to find North... we were lost in the "Himalayas"

Had girl time with my 2 loves

More friggin snow -_-

And opened the New Year with fam & friends at Sheila's Sunday Dinner.
She spoils us......clearly! :)

Here's to a great year (yes I'm holding up my wine glass lol)...I hope you enjoy every moment, every breath, every Blessing, every day !
Much luv,