Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Searching for Sugar Man"

I attended a movie screening of "Searching for Sugar Man". The story behind the music and the mystery behind this man is absolutely incredible: a moving film about a musician who was discovered in the '60's only to seemingly fall off the face of the Earth. However, a recording of his music somehow made its way to South Africa, and despite the fact that noone knew of "Sugar Man's" whereabouts "for decades", his music was a phenomenon -- "as big as the Beatles".

With Rodriguez a.k.a. "Sugar Man"
at NARAS event
Sony Building, NYC

I had the honor of meeting the myth himself. I was completely captivated by the manner in which he spoke; how humble he is, despite all his success and recognition in South Africa, but what I really admire most is how kind he seems in spite of his music career and parts of his life being on the "B side", so to speak, for many years.

He is a prolific songwriter (self-described "musical political" and I'm an even bigger fan once he mentioned supporting President Obama!). I want you to see the film and appreciate the way the story unfolds the way I have. This movie re-iterates the power of music, and that love and music transcends boundaries.

I'm grateful that Craig Bartholomew-Strydom (who wrote the article "Looking for Rodriguez") and Stephen 'Sugar' Segerman (who was "involved in the re-discovery of Rodriguez and his subsequent re-emergence, and co-runs, the official Rodriguez website") had the passion and dedication to seek out Sugar Man and bring his story back-to-life!

"Sometimes a fantasy is better kept alive" ~ Eva Rodriguez, his daughter

Also special thanks to the Recording Academy, Matt Sullivan (Co-founder, Light in the Attic Records) and Adam Block (President, Legacy Records at Sony Music Entertainment) for organising and hosting such a great event.

Click here to find out where the film's showing near you and check out his website for more info.

Before the movie screening, Rodriguez was on the David Letterman show...see a clip of the living legend below...

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