Thursday, November 12, 2009

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

When I think of Thanksgiving, I IMMEDIATELY think of food! Do you?  (yes, I know I'm talking about food......again :)
I associate the holiday with yummy traditional food and hanging out with family and friends...immediate, extended and inherited.
Some of my fave dishes are my aunt Sherry's stuffing (and she holds on to that recipe for dear life!!), my great-grandmother's collard greens and her sweet potato pie (which I am CONVINCED has crack in it!)
And these are just SOME, ok?
Leave it up to Aunty Sherry and we'd be at her house from breakfast right through the weekend! (hey, no complaints here). We have such a good time there and let me tell you...she can cook her tiny heiny off!! I am not a fan of turkey so I am always elated to go to her house where it's not just the traditional dishes but so many other dishes to choose from...I mean it's really Thanksgiving HEAVEN!
People bar-hop...well I house-hop! I used to at least for T/giving, but now I have my own traditions with my son. Since neither of us care for the turkey, I tried lamb instead one year, and I was so proud when he actually REQUESTED that on the menu. (Can you picture my proud mom grin?) Looked something like this...

It feels really good to create these memories with him. To know that "Mom's cooking" and making his favorites?...I luv it!!! (Just in case you're wondering why I'm so happy about this, I DID NOT LIKE COOKING AT ALL! I learned how to especially for moments like these...and although I don't think I'd be the next Rachel Ray anytime soon, at least I know I could handle my own in the kitchen now.............insert applause here).
I absolutely LOVE the holidays! From Thanksgiving all the way into the New Year, I am ridiculously happy! (I already started playing Christmas music and my son has relegated that to the confines of our home...he told me that I am NOT allowed to play it in the car until AFTER Thanksgiving! Where is his mother? I have a thing or two to tell her) anyhoo...
I love everything about the holidays. The crisp winter air while you're shopping (translation: I'm peering through the window from the pavement) or the Christmas carols (sidenote: what's up with people wearing holiday sweaters????? That's another blog in itself) and visiting family or family visiting...whatever - I luv it all!

And while we're getting our grub on, let's remember to give thanks and give back. Although I am a firm believer in being thankful every day of our lives, no matter what we are going through, this holiday in particular reminds us even more be thankful and to give to those less fortunate. Now during the year it's easy to get consumed in our own lives so I urge you this holiday to remember someone else. There are so many people who are homeless, jobless, who don't have families or loved ones to celebrate with, who are ill or depressed or whatever the case may be, and YOU can contribute in some way to make their life a little better.
Yes, we are facing a recession, times are tough and unpredictable but STILL there are SEVERAL ways in which we can help. Every year I organize a food drive. I ask each person to donate just one can/non-perishable item and I receive tremendous support. We've donated to churches and other organizations as a result. You can do the same in your community. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, help an elderly neighbour, or donate to your local places of worship or clubs etc. There is ALWAYS some way that we can help.
By the way, what's your favorite Thanksgiving memory/tradition? Leave a comment - I'm interested to hear it!
Have a Happy Blessed Thanksgiving !


Anonymous said...

So, I used to very much dislike Thanksgiving..I thought "what's the point? there's nothing to it??"...until a couple of years ago when I realized that this is probably the only holiday when you dont have to go out and buy a card for anyone, you dont have to buy them gifts, you dont have to buy anyone flowers or candy to prove u luv them and u dont even have to light fireworks... it's a Holiday the way holidays are meant to be... Family (or friends that are LIKE family), Food (never a complaint here about a lot of food, and just being thankful for whatever it is you appreciate this year..for me, it's always my health as that is to me one of my top priorities .. (of course healthy goes out the window on tksgivin but that's besides the point) ... So, NOW,,,it turned into my fave holiday. .. cant wait..having friends of the family spend a couple days at my house this year... I just wish I could ban cell phones from the dinner table... hmm, maybe i'll try that.

anyhow, GREAT blog as usual....

ana montes

Anonymous said...

commented on this but it doesnt show..maybe there's a delay or approval needed..hmm.. i'll wait til tomorrow to see.

ana montes

Mandy said...

Ana I never would IMAGINE in a MILLIONS YEARS that THIS would not have been one of your faves...fooooood? Hello?? lol
And yes I think you SHOULD ban cell phones from the dinner table! lol

Anonymous said...

I is a great time of the year to remind us to be thankful. sometimes we get so caught up in life and living that we forget to thank God for all we have..we have already had our thanksgiving here but food is always #1 on my family's mind...who making what and what time do we eat :) I too love making new traditions with my daughter so she too can have something to pass on to her own family in the future.
Anyway enjoy your food fiesta!


Bennett said...

awwwww! That post made me cry......Your mom was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love the blog by the way!

Diamond ISIS said...

Beauty-fully said....
My favorite memory was last year, when i spent it with my extended family...We ate and drank, it was a great time...This year i intend on resting....I am tired, but the soup kitchen or volunteering sounds like a plan.