Sunday, June 27, 2010

My love affair...

...with New York!
"No place in the world that can compare..." Great music, great people, great's all here in New York !
This week I had the pleasure of meeting a blast from the past. I went to R Bar to support my friend, Regi, and not only did I meet other musicians and interesting people but I also ran into Adair Frey.

Adair Frey at R Bar

When I first met Adair, she wasn't quite sure of her sound or herself. Pretty, slightly reserved, a few tattoos which hinted that maybe there was a "bad girl" hiding somewhere in there. We both studied music together in the city and one day it seemed as though Adair just fell off the face of the Earth.
But fast forward to June 2010 and here is Adair. I didn't recognize her at first, but something about her was so familiar. Her raspy voice, her name kinda rang a bell, THEN it all came back to me. ADAIR!
Now she's found her sound, her look and her style, and I am VERY happy to see her evolve and become the artist she wants to be. To hear her music check out

Here are some of the other performers at R Bar that night...

Kimberly Korn and her band

My friend, Regi, doing his thang!

Cutie Guitarist Zack rockin' out

And just when I thought I was having such a great week, it got even better. A friend called me to ask if I wanted to be on the VIP list to see Alicia Keys perform live in Central Park on Good Morning America....WHAT KINDA QUESTION IS THAT???????? OF COURSEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I had to restrain myself from screaming, after all I WAS at work when I received the call! lol
That was the highlight of my week! My sister said it best: "Breakfast in Central Park on a beautiful day with Alicia Keys singing to you? The Best!"
And yes, she DID look our way, pointed and sang DIRECTLY to us (maybe it was because I was jumping up and down screaming "Alicia I LOVE YOU!" while shamelessly wearing one of her t-shirts? doesn't matter, Alicia sang to me! lol)

Here are some pics from that day...

My sis and I waiting for Alicia Keys

Alicia hits the stage

They told her she pulled the LARGEST CROWD EVER for the GMA Summer Concert Series!
You go Alicia!
Sexy mama with her cute baby bump

Beautiful, talented, fierce!

Ahhh I heart NY!

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Nice!!!!! I stop by every once in a while to see how you are doing...