Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DON'T tell me you're TOO read this!!

Words are powerful! I've learned that, and I would think by now I'd know, but lately I made the mistake of saying 2 dreadful words
"I'M ..............BUSY!!!!" (insert gasp and dramatic music here)

Yes! Well guess what happened? Just that...I have been busy up the wahzoooo!

And it's not the kinda busy where I'm consumed doing the things I REALLY wanna do, NO, it's just little annoying STUFF. And I wondered, how did I get so BUSY all of a sudden??...lightbulb!! BECAUSE I SAID I WAS!!!

I've been "too busy" doing this or that and finding myself squeezing everything into my schedule when that really isn't how it should be.

That's when I reminded myself that words are very powerful. I've decided to be much more aware of what I say and how I utilize my time. So, how are you professing YOUR life today?

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Laleepop14 said...

I agree boo!! Words are very powerful. You have to speak what you want to happena nd it will happen. Be careful what you say..