Thursday, December 16, 2010

I survived the Christmas Concert!!

Some really maternal moms (you know, the soccer mom type) probably think I'm horrible for saying this but hey I gotta be honest, I am not the sappy Christmas concert kinda mom...sorry!
Of course I attend to support my child, and yes I do get emotional because he's growing up before my very eyes, but it's a CHORE for me to attend the holiday concert. Some people hate going to the dentist or the doctor, well I DREAD the Christmas concert.
This year was GREAT because my son did not want to stay through the play. That part of the program is usually the most laborious. Each grade sings Christmas carols, and that's usually okay, then comes the "slicing-wrists-with-plastic-knife" part...the play!!!
The production is usually long and drawn out and quite frankly YAWN! My son usually wants to stay with his class to watch it, but this year he opted out...YAY!!! It wasn't "Charlie Brown Christmas" (which they do eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevery year) so he was quite content to leave, and I'm SURE I left skid marks in their parking lot.
If you're offended by this, chances are you wear holiday sweaters and spend hours decorating little gingerbread men and christmas cookies. WHATEVER! I don't tell you to get a life (although I highly recommend therapy) so leave me be...
After the concert I tried to take some "nice" pics in the spirit of the holiday. See? I'm not THAT bad...there's some hope for me after all right?
...(rolling my eyes)

Holiday Pic - Take 1

Holiday Pic - Take 2 !

Let's try this again, Holiday Pic - Take 3!
Yup, I'm now convinced they didn't make a mistake at the hospital...he's DEFINITELY my child!


AnaMontes said...

lmao.... i luv u !! hahaha

Johanna said...

hahahahaha! BTW, I LOVE "Holiday Pic - Take 2"