Friday, April 1, 2011

Songwriter's Circle at The Red Lion, NYC

The last Monday of every month there's a Songwriter's Circle at The Red Lion in NYC, hosted for the SGA (Songwriter's Guild of America) by music guru Ann Ruckert.
This past Monday was filled with pleasant surprises and reasons to celebrate.

Skip Brevis (on right) with the rest of the gang
Galia Arad (who unleashed her hidden talent as fist-pumper/booty shaker) and Kirsten Thien (hand-clapper extraordinaire) were both on hand to congratulate Markeisha Ensley, fellow recipient of the Songwriter's Hall of Fame Abe Olman Award!

Galia Arad (Abe Olman recipient)

Kirsten Thien (also past winner of the Abe Olman prize)

2011 Abe Olman Recipient, Markeisha Ensley

Congrats Markeisha!

Jake Holmes was in the building and showed us a new interesting & musical way to use an Ipad! Yes, now I want an Ipad!!! He is so funny and uber-talented...and I LOVE the song he dedicated to Japan.

Jake Holmes

We also had a visitor from Nigeria: Ola Fagbola!
Ola now lives in Trinidad and is a physician by day, musician at night. He was checking out the NY music scene while on vacation!

There were so many talented people in the room. Brian Muni, Bruce Gordon and Ellen Kempner (who is only 16 years old and a MAAAAAAJOR talent! She also recently got her driver's license so the roads are definitely not safe!! lol)

Brian Muni

Bruce Gordon

Ellen Kempner

I was invited onstage as well...
Mandy Bennett :)

...and sang "Love Me" (written by yours truly) to a very gracious (a.k.a. intoxicated) crowd, which certainly helps for great applause! ;)  

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Anonymous said...

Hey great post! Looks like a blast. You should check out Kevin Rath he's an up and comer on the NYC scene and is playing at The Red Lion April 14 at 7pm. Great singer/songwriter and guitar player, really unique sound.