Monday, April 18, 2011

What in the PIZZLE????

Have you seen the commercial with the walking pizzle (penis)? On the news this past weekend, was a story about young kids being introduced to condoms and safe sex in schools, mainly in Philadelphia.
They were talking about children as young as 11 years old having sex! ELEVEN YEARS OLD!

My family and I watched and listened in awe. As if the headline alone ("How Young is Too Young?") wasn't jarring enough, they panned to a commercial where an animated outline of a penis is walking across the screen, while putting on a condom! My 10 year old son was in the word: awkward!

I certainly have not had that conversation with my son yet, and wasn't planning too quite frankly until maybe he started asking questions, or COLLEGE (if I could help it)...yet this "very touchy" topic (pun intended) met us right in our living room!

Apparently there has been an increased number of young children, not only having sex, but also contracting STD's etc....11 year olds? Really? Where have I been??? What happened to the opposite sex being just cute at that age, and exchanging notes like

...or forming cliques, or being aware (or as it was in my case unnervingly self-concious) that your body is developing. What about sports? Other Interests? EXAMS?
When did SEX become the new fad among our tweens????

It was very disturbing and saddening to me. I looked at my child's "what the..." frowned face, and I was mortified to think that THAT conversation would emerge sooner than later. How do we preserve their innocence, their childhood, their youth, when we are enabling them to become force-ripe?

Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents; where's our village? Are we too buried in our blackberries, our smartphones, our schedules to see what is happening? This is our youth we are talking about. Spend time with your children, talk to them, explain the repercussions of their actions, let them know they'll have their ENTIRE adulthood to "practice" (and by then once you've seen one you've seen 'em all! lol)
I mean I started at 12, but 11???? (just kidding !! -- my family reads my blog, gotta mess with them every once in a while).

Anyway here's one of the reports with the pizzle commercial...smh


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