Tuesday, November 29, 2011

French Nails

I tried a new spot that I found via LivingSocial, French Nails.
They did a fantastic job, not only with the care they put into the mani/pedi, but also the massages!! They massaged my calves and feet until I almost fell asleep! The hot stone and warm towel too?! They even massage your shoulders while your nails dry! RE-LAX-ING! (And all for $25! SHUT UP! I know right?)

With the holidays and all (and also a change from my typical "french") I opted for this glittery purple. I like that it's festive. The lady looked a bit surprised when I said I wanted the color on my feet too (I guess nobody over the age of twelve does that) but hey, they're my nails and I'll sparkle if I want to!

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