Monday, July 23, 2012

Fam Time!

Chilled with my cuz in NYC this wkend...

Fam Luv!
(P.S. the lipstick is "So Chaud" by MAC - hot right?)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

So Chaud!

(Google image)

With the record high temperatures we've been experiencing, So Chaud is MAC's perfect answer to HOT Summer lips! It's a matte orange that goes well with my Summer tan, and still moist enough for that perfect poppin' pout!
Do you dare?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mid-July already!

Could you believe we're halfway through the Summer? ALREADY?

What are you doing to occupy your kids? Well I came across a great site with plenty ideas to keep kids entertained (and I've gotta admit, I've been enjoying the activities myself!).

Having to maintain a budget and keeping a tween occupied requires this momma (me) to be creative! With ideas like making paper planes, and water gun fights, 120 Free Things To Do With Kids This Summer, was the PERFECT answer to my prayer! As I read some of the ideas, I thought of other things to do with my son that would peak his interest.

Here are some of the things we've done...

We made paper planes
My son found an easy-to-use site (with step-by-step instructions -- and pictures especially for uhm, people like me)

We spent some time coloring (characters from one of his fave cartoons - Dragonball Z)
Mine (on left) - his (on right)

We played Monopoly
They have seriously upgraded this game since I was a kid! The cell phone token you see on the board was mine - they didn't have a blackberry okay so I had a flip phone...and instead of all the colorful money, they give you a bank card (everytime you pass "GO" you get $2million!!!)

We visited Echo Lake Park

9/11 Memorial at Echo Lake

Echo Lake

I KNOW first-hand how super busy we can be sometimes, but dedicating at least 30 mins, maybe even an hour everyday to spend time with your children, not only creates a lifetime of memories but is absolutely priceless!

I'll keep you guys posted as much as I can - hope you're having a fab Summer! ♥

Friday, July 13, 2012

Let go (of your inner critic)

I heard this song once at my son's school play and the words resonated with me. It's a cute song from a childhood fave - "Pinocchio". Simple yet so profound:

"I’ve got no strings,
To hold me down
To make me fret
Or make me frown

I had strings
But now I’m free
There are no strings on me
Hi o the merio, that's
the only way to be!

I want the world to know
nothin' ever worries me

I’ve got no strings so I have fun
I’m not tied up to anyone
They've got strings but
you can see there are no strings on me!"

We get so caught up in life sometimes with bills, self-imposed schedules, errands, people-pleasing, (insert your own quandry here) that we forget to LIVE. We forget what it means to truly be FREE!

Children are the BEST examples of how to enjoy life! Kids have the most fun! Ever listen to a child laugh? It is innocent...genuine...natural...they have fun with reckless abandon. They enjoy little things like coloring, blowing bubbles, running through sprinklers. They are honest (sometimes brutally so). They play with anybody (no race, color or creed is involved). They get messy: ketchup on their fingertips, they run through grass barefoot and stain their clothes. They dream of being firefighters and doctors, musicians and actors, teachers, athletes, astronauts and so much more.

Somewhere along the way, all possibilities of living life fervently become tarnished. "Can't" and "impossible" start to infiltrate our lives because we listen to the voices of those we love: family and friends. We hear "doubt" in their words so much that we begin to believe it; sometimes we even listen to the haters! Over time, our OWN voice echoes the same discouragement. We forget what we dreamt about as kids as "reality" settles around us. We trudge along from day-to-day, dragging those beliefs everywhere we go, and as we create our own families, we pass it right along to our children. We perpetuate the cycle.

But WE HAVE TO LET GO! Say it aloud a few times "I HAVE TO LET GO!"
We have to let go of our inhibitions, let go of our worries and stress! Let go of that toxic relationship, not only with a friend or spouse but with yourself! Many times WE are our own worst enemies!!! LET GO of the fear, LET GO of the negativity, LET GO of anything that causes you unhappiness or holding you back.
Hey, a ship can't set sail if its anchor is down right?

The bills will come, the kids don't have to go to every single sporting event known to man (they are NOT trying out for the Olympics!) ....have date night, wear your favorite dress, take 30 mins to color with your kids, or participate in whatever they're interested in - they just want to know you're there and you care.

And take time for yourself! Meditate, go to the spa, buy yourself an icecream and let it drip down your arm, whatever...the whole point is: HAVE FUN AND BE FREE!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Enjoying Summer !

I know I've been remiss with my blog but I'm here people! Just enjoying Summer...enjoying life!
Seems like not only my blog skipped Spring, but also Mother Nature did as well! With these records temps in the 90's so early on in the season, you sure do have to be careful what you wish for...I wanted Summer and I got it!
(I'll STILL take the heat any day over Winter though)

me: totally luvn Summer!

So what have I been up to?

A little bit of this...
(Cafe Espanol on Bleecker St, NYC...yummy food, great sangria - try the passion fruit -
and the cutest outdoor nook for those Summer afternoons sipping vino!)

...and a little bit of that (THAT is the most orgasmic dessert ever
ESPECIALLY for Tiramisu lovers's Tiramisu cheesecake from Top's Diner, NJ)

I took my son to visit the Intrepid on Memorial weekend!
We're hoping to head back there soon so we can check out the shuttle.

Went to the hottest (literally) party on Memorial wkend - "Ssshhh" hosted by my homegirl Natalie Lamming

Proof that women can look fly even while doing yardwork

I was recruited to work on 4th July decorations...
this was NOT the fun part -__-

I have SO many pictures etc to share with you guys (I know I still haven't posted my pics from my vacation to Trinidad. I'm gonna work on posting those before I go on the next vaycay (which is coming up soon! EEEK!)

So hoping you guys are enjoying your Summer too - keep in touch!
Besos y ciao