Monday, October 19, 2009

Music, The City & Galia Arad!

Jay-Z and Alicia nailed it with their tribute to NY..."no place in the world that can compare".
We (in the Tri-state) are so lucky to be able to enjoy NYC anytme we want!
Recently I was invited to an AES music party in the city by my girl, Galia Arad. The food was great, so was the music, and we met a few, uhm, interesting people. We laughed so much that night and had SUCH a good time!

Galia and I at the party

I DID mention the food, right? Well, here's Galia and I more focused on the food than anything else.

Galia inhaling something with tzatziki sauce

Me, taking advantage of a sausage!

THEN this weekend I went out to Banjo Jim's to hear Galia perform and I dragged my aunt along (EVERYONE appreciates great music!!).
She was delighted to have met, and I quote, the "beautiful" Galia with such a "beautiful" voice!

(Galia at Banjo Jim's)
uh, no idea whose head of hair is in this shot!

Galia, with her sis on vocals :)

Her cd staaaaays in my car! I luv her voice and her songs and I am so excited for her on her journey. Already looking forward to her next cd! "Ooh la, ooh la baby, ooh la, ooh la baby, ooh ooh ooh oooooooooooh, ooh la ooh la la!!"

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you ladies had a great time! It's great that you are surrounded by great talent! Best of wishes with your are on your way girl!