Monday, October 26, 2009

Tickled Pink Event Premiere!

This past Sat I attended Tickled Pink. An event hosted by my girl Natalie Lamming, and Anika Thomas, to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Natalie and I
(do you see my little pink top underneath? :)

It was a fun event considering all the raaaaaaaaaaaaaaain and I was very impressed by all the talent in the room!

Khalilah Music did some 'conscious' music and the acapella segment really showcased her beautiful voice on a powerful song she wrote about Darfur.

Khalilah Music

2Intrigue was in da house and did a rendition of "Halo" that would make Beyonce proud.


Kevon Carter did a nice tribute to the one and only MJ accompanied by Shawn Noel on guitar.

Kevon Carter

Shawn Noel
(he was grooving so much I couldn't get a good shot of his face!)

And my absolute fav was Kerry D Drummer!!! This dude is absolutely SICK!!! Do you hear me???
He is phenomenal and he KILLED his performance!

Kerry playing along with the DJ
Whatever the DJ played, Kerry was ready with the rhythm

Jeanille Bonterre was the hostess/emcee for the night and did an absolutely fantastic job.

Here's Jeanille, pretty in pink!
 (and we found out that we both love the same restaurant!
Hey good food is good food!)

There were also some very touching moments...a poem read by Nats and a few heartfelt words from Anika and Natashia (a breast cancer survivor).

(I heart Natalie's dress!)

Anika Thomas
 whose grandmother passed away from the disease


And some other highlights of the night:

My cousin about to inhale some hor d'oeuvre
(yes it runs in da fam!...and by the way, they had a delicious saltfish - a.k.a. bacalhau - pastry that I am going to track down where I could order those from!)


Why was this sign in the ladies bathroom? After all I think we were inside a church hall.
(Please ignore the alcohol seen in any of the photos!)

3. A lady in the bathroom complimented me on how well I wash my hands! Now you know things are bad in this country when someone is impressed with how you wash your hands.
PLEASE take all the necessary steps to stay clean and healthy people esp. with the swine flu season still looming around.

My crazysexycool cuz and I...........wonder where we'll head to next?

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