Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why you should always dress nicely and of course wear clean undies! ;)

So I attended my high school reunion back in September here in NYC.
During the Summer I re-connected with a friend from high school (Lauren) and we decided to attend the reunion together.
For some reason we thought we would see people from our formative years. Turns out that ANYBODY who attended WGSS at any point in time could attend.
Well only 3 of us represented our graduating year but it was fun meeting people from many years before and
after us.
Several weeks later my good friend, Jo, (from Trinidad, where I attended high school by the way) told me that I was featured in a local newspaper....WHAT?????
Then the calls, texts and e-mails started pouring in as people saw the article.
I had NO IDEA that not only would the article be published but also a photo of me talking maaad ish to the photographer (of course! lol).

(Me, talking ish, top left)

Thank goodness I decided against the hoochie dress that day!
At least when my family saw it, it was something they could be proud of! :)
Click link if you'd like to read the article...


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you had a blog! I love it! I will definitely follow your posts...xoxo


Melanie said...

As usual, you look fabulous daahlin'.