Thursday, May 27, 2010


1. I'm loving Toni Braxton's new cd "Pulse"

2. Also loving Usher's "Raymond vs Raymond"

3. I re-discovered a love of vanilla/ chocolate pudding!

4. In love with this weather...yesterday while driving, with all the windows down, I yelled "I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!" My son said "mom it's not even Summer yet" ......but whatever! lol

5. Kids' activities consume a HUGE chunk of your life!!! Yesterday another parent texted me "I just passed you", turns out she and her kids had just finished their sports activities and were headed for dinner, while we were doing the same.

6. I should get endorsements for Bath and Body's "P.S. I Love You" because a LOT of people are asking me what fragrance I'm wearing, then buying it (ahem Sheila? lol)

7. Burger King has YUMMY new riblets!! (They called ribs but they're too small to be a real rib so I re-named it! lol). They smell like they're straight off the grill...ahhhhhh Summer!

8. Saw Cirque du Soleil's "Ovo" and if you haven't seen it you should....awesome show...if you're in the NY area I think it ends on June 4th.

9. Congratulations to Ann Ruckert for her American Eagle Award!!!!!! (Also awarded were Kenny Rogers and Suzanne Vega)

10. Did I say how much I'm loving this weather? No jacket, sandals, little shorts and pretty dresses? L-U-V!
A lot of luv is in the air! ;)

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