Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finally saw FELA!

Ever since this play hit Broadway I've wanted to see it. The rave reviews and the fact that Jay-Z and the power couple Smiths are Producers, sparked my interest.
Well I FINALLY saw it and in a nutshell, FELA is PHENOMENAL!
The choreography is electric, the set design transports you right into the heart of the play and the music?? All the flavors of Africa, the Caribbean and more. You will wonder when your hips got a life of its own!
It's an incredible story about the life of Fela Kuti and a MUST-SEE!
Bill T. Jones (choreographer extraordinaire) was right there in the audience too...have I said how much I heart NY?
This holiday weekend was supposed to be the last of the show but it has been extended till 2011, so guess what people? YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO GO SEE IT!

Sunset on Broadway

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