Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ooh la la...

Monday night I headed to The Red Lion to see some of New York's finest musicians perform. I made it just in time (no hassle for parking either :) and thanks to Lady Ann (Ruckert) I was fortunate enough to get a seat right up front.

Skip Brevis, Galia Arad, Jake Holmes, Kirsten Thien, Chris Tedesco and Bruce Gordon all played and sang on that balmy night in NYC.

From left to right: Chris Tedesco, Kirsten Thien, Jake Holmes and Galia Arad

Skip Brevis & Bruce Gordon (fellow Leo :)

I particularly enjoyed Jake Holmes' monologue about getting or being old; too funny.... and Galia's "missing the city and you" song which had me all teary-eyed.
Jake Holmes during his monologue

Galia ~ beautiful inside and out

Chris Tedesco plays a violin as though he's actually playing heart strings...absolutely beautiful! he is on guitar however, performing with his wife (and baby in tow :)

There was also the young L.B. Winter.
An excited little girl with absolutely no sign of stage fright and a promising career ahead of her.

I was sitting there smiling, tapping my foot and thinking "what could be better than summertime in NYC, enjoying great music and company?", when my thoughts were suddenly broken by someone calling my name "Mandy, get up there!"
It was Ann...and before I knew it I was up there, onstage, singing along for the finale with these same musicians whom I love and admire. At that moment, it had just gotten better :)

Here's Ann, who hosts the SGA circle...
...and who as Skip says, "Kicks our a**" to make sure we strive to be the best musicians we can be.

On my way home I listened to Galia's new cd "Ooh la baby" which I FINALLY got my hands on, and trust me, you should too!

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