Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My birthday cake with my fire sign LEO!!

I had a BLAST for my birthday!!!! 
My son serenaded me first thing in the morning with a "Happy Birthday Mommy / Mandy" and yes he sang "Mommy-slash-Mandy" smh...

...then my god-daughter Z called me and sang "You Are My Sunshine" followed by HER very dramatic rendition of "Happy Birthday" (she'll be 4 in a couple weeks and she already counts herself in before she sings....Ann, you would be so proud....World, you are not ready for her! lol) 

I was surrounded by family and friends and I laughed until everything hurt and I practically lost my voice!

"When hours feel like moments you know you're with great friends"

Bday girl posing for papparazzi lol

Just1Touch was in the building doing what they do best: INCREDIBLE MASSAGES
Special shout-out to Will (left) and Robert (on the right, Mogul or Master hands rather, behind Just1Touch)

Bday shout-out to all Leos especially our Prez himself, President Barack Obama, Cornelia, Zakkiyyah, Natalie, Mari, Dirk, Khori's baby girl, Karim, Lynn, Maria, Jaime Lee, Alyssa, Ken "homeboy" Chiu, Maris, Ryan, Mich, Gale, Leti, Isaiah, Ari, Mr Jimmy Norman, Mindy, Greg, Briz, Michael, Mohammed, Rob, Noelle, Kyle, Z, Marlon, and Joshua.


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Is that my Alyssa and Joshua!!!! You are the best...including my babies!! Love ya hooch! Glad you enjoyed your bday! xoxo
Johanna ♥