Thursday, November 11, 2010


The holidays are quickly approaching and people are already talking about Thanksgiving sale etc. It seems like not too long ago I dismantled my Christmas tree (yeah I do the fake trees lol) and already I'm thinking about decorating it again!
So what's associated with Thanksgiving and the holidays besides the food? SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now some of my friends have said to me that "Santa" might be on a budget this year due to the recession, BUT if you still want to do a lil shopping; perhaps treat yourself or a loved one (me), here's one of my favorite things: Silpada jewelry!

(The ring is not from Silpada)

I always get compliments on this bracelet

I went to my friend's (Karen's) jewelry party, just to support, and that started my love affair with Silpada. They have the cutest things (for you too fellas), see for yourself => Click here and if you need any assistance, my friend/silpada representative Jeanine Simonson will be more than happy to hook you up.
For the record, I am not on commission, I'm just a fan!...and I hope Santa's reading my blog!

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