Monday, May 23, 2011

Babyface is the Jay Z for Baby Boomers!

On Mothers' Day, my cousins and I headed to the Tank/Babyface concert. We were stuck in RIDICULOUS traffic so by the time we made it there, we missed Tank's performance. All my tweets to attack him if he ripped off his shirt became empty promises (but don't worry Tank, I MUST make it to one of your concerts've been warned! lol)

My cousins and I at the concert

Anyway, the shocker for me was Babyface! I know he's a phenomenal songwriter and very established in the music business, (working with Toni Braxton, Boyz II Men and soooooo many more top artists)...what I DIDN'T know was that his fans are outta control!! He's like the Jay Z for baby boomers! 

The band introducing Babyface

Mr "Whip Appeal" himself graces the stage

This lady (with the blue ponytail) ran up to the front and couldn't contain herself.
She sang every song and punctuated every beat with more passion than Babyface himself!

These two seemed to be in competition for "Who caught the best Holy Ghost?"
Pink top won -__-

Babyface did a medley of hits
and he looks and sounds great!

This was my view of the stage at one point!
This woman refused to sit when security asked her to so the people behind her could see...
...this is!

Here is "blue ponytail" again...
you cannot see her date but most likely she is telling him to shut the hell up so she could listen to her Babyface

"Blue Ponytail" again grooving like she is the only one in the theater.
If ONE person enjoyed the show, it's her! lol

Is he related to Babyface? anyone know?

Babyface hugging a fan one row behind us... was mayhem when he came through the audience!

It was a very entertaining show...but if you think Justin Bieber "stans" are crazy, you haven't been to a Babyface concert! lol

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