Monday, May 23, 2011

What did you think of the Billboard Music Awards?

Top Performer of the night for me was the Queen Bey! Beyonce KILLED her performance and showed us exactly why she more than deserved that Millenium Award!
Her body looked amazing (I promise not to use the word "amazing" again in this blogpost, thank you very much Justin Bieber -___-), her voice was stronger than ever and that digital high-tech performance was on point! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! (See her performance in the vid below)

Some of the other highlights for me:

Cee Lo wowed me with his performance and now I want to be hoisted into the air with a grand piano and spun around....NOT!!!! I'll leave that to Cee-Lo! Thumbs up!

Cee Lo (on left) with his award, and (on right) being spun around mid-air with his piano

Congrats to Rihanna on her awards...and she looked stunning in her white tuxedo!
Rihanna and Jay Z

One of my FAVE groups, Lady Antebellum, accepting their award

Nicki Minaj's performance was a bit lack lustre for me...I expected HOTNESS from her
...but she gets luv anyway since she's a fellow Trini

Kesha did a great job with her performance.

All images in this blogpost from Billboard.

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