Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, NYC

I thoroughly enjoyed this holiday! It was festivity after festivity and I was able to see almost all of my family...which truly is a blessing.
My 2 week vacation started off in the city! Some of my fam were able to make it to Ann Ruckert's Holiday Concert to see me perform, despite the BLIZZARD (THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!), then we went 'stravancing' (luv this word Ann) around town!

My aunt & cuz waiting in line to skate at the Rockefeller

Carolers in Saks

Ange & I goofing around while we shop

My son in our backyard, enjoying the aftermath of the blizzard

Even the dog wanted in on the action lol

My son's reaction to my C/mas music! lol

Wondering what's in those boxes with his name on it lol

And below are my goddaughters with some of their presents...



I luv my family! They're crazy, fun, loving...did I mention crazy? lol But I luv them all!

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