Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Me, Heineken & Thanksgiving

So the beginning of Thanksgiving week I got a cold. I received a lot of food donations (thanks so much to everyone who supported the food drive by the way) so when I left work I rushed over to the church to deliver the stuff.
As I was hauling bags from my car to the church kitchen I wondered why a lady who was there didn't offer to help me, nor did she look too pleased by the interruption. Rather unusual at a church but no biggie...I was anxious to get home to a hot shower, hot tea and my comfy bed! Just as I had placed the last bag on the counter and was wishing the lady a Happy thanksgiving, she said "Uhm, I'm going to take this stuff out of the box and you could take the box with you." It was then that I realized that I had delivered food to a church in a Heineken box!

The infamous box!

As if it would save me from embarrassment I started to explain that it was a co-worker's, but the lady had this accusatory look as if to say "mmm hmm you're a lush, just admit it!"

Then there was the parade...I was so determined to make it out there but instead was home battling the cold. So my son and I DID in fact see Dora and company, albeit from the comfort of home. It was GORGEOUS that day so I'm glad I felt better by the time I was due to hang out with my fam.

Now you know there's always that one uncle that you're embarrassed by - well this isn't the uncle (I have another one) but he's certainly working his way there because he everytime he sees me he regales the story of the day I peed on his foot.
 Infamous foot!

It's one of those stories that you'd hope stay in the fam but I just know the day I win my first Grammy my uncle would be telling someone "I remember the day she peed on my foot..." and we're not talking about when I was a child either...ok!?! You want the story, talk to my uncle...cause you ain't gettin it here lol but that moment certainly bonded us FOR LIFE ! lol

Here he is rummaging through old photographs...we had a BLAST laughing at our outfits and hairstyles from back in the day (hopefully those NEVER leave the premises! I saw a pic of me with a unibrow! NOT...CUTE!)

Here he is (minus da pee) pictured with Aunty Sherry.

Here I am with my crazy aunt Pat (and I ain't kidding when I say crazy lol)

Aunts Pat and Ange

And the best part of the day...the food and desserts!

Sigh....I heart Thanksgiving!


What Was I Thinking? said...

I have an uncle like that...my uncle Lloyd. Its a rare occassion when he is sober and he loves to tell stories about how I liked to eat cigarette butts out of the ash tray and play with tools vs. toys when I was a little girl. (He's always a crowd favorite!) This past Thanksgiving he arrived dressed in his finest King Cobra Beer suit, drenched in his Jack Daniel's cologne and would you believe that he tried to steal my silverware? What the heck was he going to do with that????? I tell you... my family is odd. Despite his love affair with cheap beer, whisky and silverware, he is one of my favorite uncles...

Mandy said...

Well this uncle certainly doesn't drink (I have one that does lol) but he IS a fav!

Anonymous said...

gasp! i didnt c this post b4 !!! ... ooh..yummmm

ana montes