Thursday, December 31, 2009

As 2009 comes to an end...

...I smile to myself. This year has been great to me. Life has so many unexpected twists and turns but it's all about how you handle whatever comes your way. There've been times when my spirit was so broken that the ONLY thing that made any sense in my life was to pray. (By the way, from that experience I wrote the song "Your love is enough" and it is one of my favorites!)

I smile, in hindsight, because I am watching life unfold. God knows EXACTLY what He's doing, even when things are not going according to OUR plan. I am a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason!"

I have met quite a few wonderful people this year and even re-connected with so many others (thanks to Facebook! lol) and another highlight of this year is meeting Clydene Jackson. She is an incredible singer/songwriter with a long list of credits (everything from commercials to movies); most recently Avatar! She is really sweet with a great spirit and it was so worth being stuck in 2 hr traffic into the city, not to mention the risk of getting a ticket for parking by a

Clydene Jackson (center)

And what I'm about to tell you is CLASSIC so I had to share...

A friend of mine isn't speaking to his mother (they haven't spoken in a little over a year)..anyway, his wife tries to reach out to her so they send her a postcard for Christmas. She mails the postcard back to them with this note at the back of it...(pictured below)

(it reads: "Shove it!!! You call that a Christmas card? Get lost!!!
Even my apt # was wrong
Smoking pot again?")

I thought it was the funniest thing...the kinda joke you'd read only in e-mails, but this is for real!!  Hahahahaha...he's considering writing her back to ask "Does this mean you don't love me anymore?" lolol


I extend all the best wishes from my heart and my family to yours.


Cheers to 2010!


Anonymous said...

what did she do for Avatar?

Also, WOW on the xmas card response. hahahahaa

and last, Happy New Year..looking forward to more of ur writings!


Mandy said...

She sang...and yes WOW re: the postcard...the funny part is his mom is like 86 years old! That's even funnier to me!