Saturday, May 8, 2010

Remember Patra?

Recently I was reading an article in Essence about Patra. It was a comparison to Rihanna's "Rudeboy" and although Patra is not who comes to mind when I see Rihanna's video, it was a nice 'blast from the past'...I was like "oh yeahhhhhh, Patraaaaaaa"!!!!!
I remember when Patra was performing in Trinidad and I wanted to go soooo badly (plus got a free ticket to go) but I knew my grandmother would KILL me! So I said I was going to something in church but headed straight to the concert. (I know, I know, slap on wrist!). I was having so much fun until they started rocking the lights in the stadium!!!!!! I remember thinking "If a riot breaks out then I'd REALLY be in trouble!!". So she told the audience that she'd have to stop the concert if safety was a concern, the crowd calmed down and we were able to enjoy the rest of the show.
Patra was wicked! The dances were rated RRRRRRRR, she had crazy toned legs in those cut-up shorts, beautiful skin and was like the Lil Kim of the Caribbean. She was doing and saying the things that, secretly, women wanted to do and say, but just wouldn't.
Patra taught me that my booty is actually called a "Bumper" and at some point I would need a "Worker Man" in my life (writing note to self "get.... worker..... man!").
I studied her videos (I think it was on "Video Soul" at the time?) and yet I was no Patra! lol
When I finally made it home, I was in SERIOUS trouble!!!......... (but was it worth it?... YES, yes it was! lol)

Here's to the "Queen of the Pack"...

Wasn't the ice sculpture in this video 'hot'??

Rolling deep with YoYo & 'Pac...

She was rocking those "slick oil" pants waaaaay back when....

What's your Patra memory?

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EsJayCe said...

wow, memory lane. her legssss.