Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!!!

A friend of mine sent out an e-mail with best wishes for Mothers' Day. It was so heartfelt and beautiful that I asked him to share on my blog:

"I want to take this opportunity to wish our cherished Moms a very Happy Mother's Day.
I must admit, this is a bittersweet time for me. I lost my Mom over 11 years ago. While the pain I feel has eased with time, there is still an ache that occupies the space only Alice Hunt Wallace was ever able to fill.

Please understand; I don't share this to dampen your mood on this special weekend. But rather to remind you all, mothers and children, how blessed you are to have one another. We often lose sight of that by allowing petty differences and the "noise" of hectic lives to drown out what's most important; that this is a relationship carved by God's hand and nurtured by a mother's unconditional love. No one will ever love you like your Momma; no one.

That said my heartfelt regards goes out to the single mom, the fun mom, the absent-minded mom, the corny mom, the cranky mom, the talkative mom, the silent mom, the "in your business" mom, the *seemingly* uninterested mom, the fierce and fabulous mom, the "I know I still got it" mom, the conservative mom and the "just happy to be a mother" mom. They all give the best they can the only way they know how and deserve so much more in return.

My Momma and I had our ups and downs. No relationship, especially one as complex as mother and child is ever perfect. However I wouldn't trade one second of the life I shared with her. I am at peace knowing that no matter what, she knew I loved and respected her dearly, her final memory of her son as she passed on to glory.

I look back at my life and cannot think of a single aspect that my mother did not influence. Our good days far outweighed the challenging moments. The man I've become is a vivid reflection of my Mother. I walk with pride, dignity, integrity, compassion, faith and most of all strength with her as my foundation.

I hope you all will always have that peace. This weekend, while the flowers and the dinners and the gifts are nice and certainly deserved, take a moment and remind your Mom that her love is what drives you, nourishes your soul and gives you strength. These days are precious. More importantly they are not promised. Live each day with the thought, that if you were to part tomorrow, your Mom could never doubt you loved her beyond measure."

Well said......HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!!!

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