Saturday, January 15, 2011

Heyyyyyyy I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

2 weeks into you guys doing? All is well in my world and looking forward to a great year (God Willing).
I was hibernating... a little ...over the holidays and I must say, it was a well-spent staycation!
Here's a glimpse...

I asked Santa for something special from this store...
...all I got was a used car salesman's #

Was drafted into a studio

Made Bread Pudding...was creative with this one :0 lol

My poor sis trying to find North... we were lost in the "Himalayas"

Had girl time with my 2 loves

More friggin snow -_-

And opened the New Year with fam & friends at Sheila's Sunday Dinner.
She spoils us......clearly! :)

Here's to a great year (yes I'm holding up my wine glass lol)...I hope you enjoy every moment, every breath, every Blessing, every day !
Much luv,


Anonymous said...

omg those ice cream sundaesssss !! yum

Anonymous said...

ps that was me (ana montes) commenting