Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moving on up...

Robert and I

For 10 years Massage Mogul, Robert Ballatt, has been in business. He is the magic (hands) behind Just1Touch, his mobile spa company.
I met Rob at a mutual friend's party. He was, as always, working, and was offering massages. At first I was hesitant about getting the massage, as was other females there. Everyone was just enjoying the party and kinda chilln' really, then eventually they started taking turns with Rob (so to speak).
One by one females disappeared behind closed doors with him, only to emerge looking like they were in some kind of orgasmic trance!! I began to wonder "What the HECK is he doing in there??".
Matter of fact, lemme have a double dose of whatever SHE just had please!!!

Women would come out of the room smiling, eyes glazed over, hair tousled but noone complaining (and you know 'sistas' don't play with their hair!), just happy...a lil toooo happy!  So I went into the room to investigate myself...
...moments later I too was hooked on Rob!
At my birthday party, Mandy Mania, last year.
Just1Touch did the massages, and pretty much took care of us.
Ladies let me tell you!!! If you have never had one of his massages, book an appt NOWWWW!!!!
Self-conscious? Nervous? Hesitant? Trust me on massage from this man and you will be singing a completely different tune! (And trust me, a few of my friends could testify!)
 Recently Rob was acknowledged in Together As One, in a Black Entrepreneur Spotlight. Read article here
So Robbie Rob I want to say "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!". You are living proof that hard work, passion and drive are keys to success. Keep moving on up, hold steadfastly to God and best wishes for many more years of success.
Much luv!
Visit to schedule an appt with the Massage Mogul himself, or to book your pamper party!


Anonymous said...

if all men could touch the way he does, i'm sure no women would have any complaints about that species..lmao


Mandy Bennett said...

hahahaaaaa so true Ana!!!