Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bitten by the Bieber Bug!

Yesterday I went to the movie screening of Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never". I know he's cute and talented but so are millions of other kids. I couldn't understand what the whole craze was about, "Bieber Fever" and all that, so I figured I'd check it out.
I took my son and a friend of his (who is an absolute fan!!!). As we waited for the movie to begin they played Justin Bieber songs, and the only thing these excited girls didn't do was raise their cell phones and started swaying from side to side! For a minute I thought I was at a JB concert! They knew every song, some of them had their Bieber books with them; I mean the buzz in the room was definitely tangible!
But after having watched the movie, I HAVE to admit, I too have been bitten by the Bieber bug!
The kid is awesome! Not only is he a cutie, he sings, plays several instruments (guitar, piano, drums and trumpet), but he's also humble and well-grounded, and his family seems to be very loving and supportive. And his fans?? LOYAL!!!! When I heard about his fans threatening Kim Kardashian I thought it was funny, but his fans are not kidding AT ALL!! The little girl I invited knew every single detail about the Biebs and when I mentioned that she might be his #2 fan, given the competition in the room, she gave me this look that really made me fear for my life!! lol

One of the souvenirs which his #1 fan took...
She is pictured holding this sign but I cropped her out of the photo in case other fanatics read  

It's a very inspiring story and if you're not a fan, this movie might very well change your mind.

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