Monday, June 27, 2011

Finafrickingly! (AKeys Songs in A minor: 10th anniversary Collector's Edition)

Finally I received my copy of Alicia Keys "Songs in A minor 10th anniversary Collectors Edition".

It took FOREVER to get here...but alas I have it in constant rotation. I have to marinate on it: listen intently to the cds, check out the dvd, the booklet etc and I'll get back to you. (Yes, it's a process...this is ALICIA we're talking about! Judge me if you want! lol)

Did you see her performance at the BET Awards? She looked absolutely beautiful (wasn't quite feeling the hair -- I liked the style but it was a little too messy for me)...BUT since it IS Alicia, and she can play and sing her ass off, AND I absolutely luv her...she gets a pass from me! lol

Check out her performance below...

This woman makes classical music sexy!!!

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