Monday, June 27, 2011

Icecream and Waffles???

When I heard of "chicken and waffles", just the thought alone had me skeeved. To me, chicken remains in the lunch and dinner category, and waffles is for breakfast. But apparently it's such a big deal (especially in the South) that Gladys Knight even has a restaurant called "Chicken and Waffles".

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When I visited Atlanta, I went to the infamous restaurant and decided I was going to try it. I'm pretty good at being adventurous but I just couldn't bring myself to it...I ordered something else.

Fast forward to present date and a co-worker requested ice-cream and waffles for her birthday treat! Now this seemed a little more palatable to me, but I had never heard of the combo before. It didn't seem far-fetched, after all they do serve ice-cream in a waffle cone...but an actual waffle?? This was news to me!
A few of my co-workers heard of it before (apparently it was all the rave at birthday parties, and on the boardwalk in South Jersey) but some of the others looked just as puzzled as I was.

Apparently you can have it like a "sandwich"

Or the way I chose to eat mine...separate.

I took one bite and knew this was NOT for me. Some of the others who tried it for the first time really enjoyed it because they said it tasted just like a waffle cone. I ate my ice-cream and threw away the soggy leftover bad I didn't have pancake syrup on hand.

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