Thursday, June 30, 2011

My trip to the DMV/ MVC

Google Image...
...since I wasn't about to take pics with my phone
 risk being beaten outside DMV
and lose my place in line

This morning I went to the DMV to renew my license. (Department/ Division of Motor Vehicles...a.k.a. Motor Vehicles Commission or simply "The Licensing Office" in Trini).
This was my 2nd attempt! I went yesterday on lunch, and when I saw the line OUTSIDE the building and around the corner, I decided I didn't have the mindspace for midday sun and the smells emanating from some of the people in that line...AND I hadn't had lunch?? Oh no... THIS was something for which I had to mentally prepare.

So this morning I woke up early, on my way out the door I grabbed my Essence Magazine with Alicia Keys on the cover (what? I feel like you're judging me) and headed to Dunkin Donuts.  
The office opens at 8am...I'm there at 7:40am...THE LINE WRAPS AROUND THE KISS-MY-ASS CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I speed walk past the old man that's strolling to the line and the lady with 2 kids in tow...(hey survival of the fittest). I pull out my fully charged phone (facebook and twitter will help bide my time), I'm sipping my coffee, I'm good! I even have a stupid smirk on my face for all the people who showed up at 8am and now have to stand in TEXAS just to get in.

Now here's my issue with this particular DMV: It's a new building!!! WHY construct a new building only to have people stand OUTSIDE??? What happens when it rains? Or in the Winter? What about the elderly (ok so I rushed past grandpa earlier but I digress) or those who are disabled?
In the old building you might have grown a beard waiting but at least you'd have a seat!
And the building isn't even aesthetically's like walking into a sardine can...or boarding Star Trek!

I am going to write them with a few why not use the EMPTY AREA of the room with crazy floor space...have a roped off section where the line meanders like in the bank or the movie theatre...a water cooler and a coffee machine would be nice (but I know I'm pushing it lol)

So here are some tips for going to the DMV/MVC/ABC whatever:
1. Sleep in front of the building the night before...that way you're the 1st person there in the morning.
2. Have a good breakfast/ lunch. 
3. Walk with a book/ mag, a fully charged phone, some water/ coffee, sunglasses and a big touristy floppy hat.
4. Do NOT go at the end of the month if you can avoid it...the line is longer than a weave sale in Brooklyn.
5. Have all your paperwork!!! So many people waited in that insane line, finally made it to the counter, only for Ms Personality to tell them they have to return with all the required documents.
6. When you are having your photo taken, please people, SNAP crackle and pop outta there. This is not facebook! You are not in JC Penney studio and they don't have photoshop to help yo' ass! Other people are waiting and we have more important things to do. Fix the hair and makeup before you get up there, be ready and let's go. When the cops pull you over they don't care if you look like James Brown mugshot or Pamela Anderson.

James Brown Mugshot

There's also an option to use your photo from your previous i.d. so let's keep the line flowing.

7. Get yourselves together people!!! Ok I know they are only taking a headshot for the pix...but people bedroom slippers are not acceptable, even if you pair them with socks...washing your face would be nice unless you're going for the "I'm still cute when I'm crusty" look... and would it kill some of you to use a toothbrush or slap some deodarant under them pits? Well it could kill "do unto others" applies here.

Thankfully I don't have to deal with this again for a few years.

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