Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Cocktails With Belle"

"Cocktails With Belle" was a fun way of meeting the author/blogger herself, Demetria L. Lucas. I thought it was going to be more about her book "A Belle In Brooklyn: The Go-To Girl For Advice", but rather it was "a way to meet my readers".
The beautiful Belle is a charming hostess, and it felt more like a hangout with friends than an "event".

Demetria Lucas a.k.a. @abelleinbk rocking this cute pink number
(reminiscent of a modern day "Saaaaaandra Clark" from "227")
and the shoes were chic too!

I MUST have missed the memo because the majority of the attendees were fabulously dressed, and the shoe game???? CRAY!
I, on the other hand, jetted outta work like a fat kid at a weigh-in, and ended up looking like I was auditioning for "Who Wants To Be a Hobo?"
Ok so I know the invite said "Cocktails With Belle"; I dropped the ball on this one OKAY?!

Here I am with Belle...she didn't hesitate to take a photo with me,
as a matter of fact she was super-gracious
but I KNOW she is thinking "who invited this hobo to my party?"

My hair looked a hot mess and plopping this hat on my head didn't help as you can see. People probably thought I was a "bongo dread" (Trini slang for huge matted dread locks) or something.
Mental note to self: comb hair and look human next time. 

We indulged in red velvet cupcakes from @cakemanraven
They were so good!
Hey if you're gonna break one of your New Year's Resolutions,
it best be worth it!

6 comments: said...

Many you look amazing ...stop it..;)

Mandy Bennett said...

See y I luv u Rob!?! :)

Luna S said...

cute photos!


Zoe_Flood said...

cute! don't be so hard on yourself :)

<3 Zoe

Mandy Bennett said...

Thnx Luna and Zoe!! :)

Clara Turbay said...

I like so much this post. Well done.