Monday, January 16, 2012

High (School) and Mighty!

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"Power". Most people yearn for it...some people have it...few can handle it. They are everywhere: Bullies! They don't just exist on the playground. They are in homes, schools, colleges, in the workplace; everywhere! People who push their weight around; who lack control somewhere; who simply have no regard!
Studies have shown that children who were given "authority" over their peers suddenly developed a "bossy" attitude. When the roles were reversed, the same happened: the children in the authoritative position became demanding, whereas the others - who were once in the position of authority - became submissive.
So is it an innate quality? Do our egos automatically inflate when we are in the "driver's seat" (so to speak)? Is it a personality trait? Are we trained to be like that?
There is a huge difference between a leader and someone in a position of authority. A good leader is there to guide, to BE the example, and to have standards/ goals enforced without constant reference to their title. Although they have different roles and responsibilities, they are seen as part of a team - the level of hierarchy exists - but they are not up on a high horse surveying the land and announcing it every 5 mins while they are there.
A good leader keeps the task at hand as the objective, and all personal feelings are checked at the door. Ego has no place in the mix!
But as human we are prone to error and judgment.

Even David and a pebble brought down the mighty Goliath!
We all have a "Goliath" in our lives. An abusive spouse/ parent, a boss, Corporate America, the government, our own egos or our extremely loud negative thoughts, whatever. Something or someone who SEEMS bigger than us.
I'll address the Goliaths for now: You may not always agree with or even like someone, but to be demeaning, disrespectful or abusive in any manner is not an attractive quality at all. That is someone's mother/father/brother/sister/son/daughter...would you like someone to treat you or someone you love with utter disrespect?

I once read "How Starbucks Saved My Life" by Michael Gates Gill, where the author explains how his life transitioned from a life of privilege to working at Starbucks. It's a great read and I urge you to get it because it reminds us that no matter where we come from or how successful we are in life, ALL people are to be treated with respect.

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