Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Ok so it's the middle of the week...half of you are still trying to get glitter out of your hair or salvage your dignity after wild drunken sex with random stranger...hey if your New Year started with a bang (literally!) kudos!
I'm still adjusting to being back to work after a REALLY GOOD staycation (that's a vaycay where you stay yo' ass home!).
I am terribly missing sleeping-in late and noshing on all the yummy holiday food around the house, catching up on Harry Potter (don't judge me) and doing WHATEVER, WHENEVER!

Holiday Recap:
Christmas concerts - (1) My son's - usually I'd rather watch paint dry because it's typically boring class after class with "adorable" kids singing followed by some long drawn-out play where I start to feel sympathy for even the donkey that Mary rode in on. It's so dreadful! However this year it was well organized, they merged some of the classes so the performances were quick, the play was more of a skit...and we were outta there in record time! I personally thanked the Principal for that!
(2) Mine - I performed at Ann Ruckert's Holiday concert in the city. All was well until my aunt (who's very punctual and usually in attendance every year) came late and asked Ann if I could sing again, since she'd missed my performance -- this is after we're almost finished with the program. EMBARRASSED! I sing again, meanwhile making a mental note to not invite family to the Grammys!
Here is said aunt who is NOT in the choir, on right, dancing with Lisa Rosenberg, who IS in the choir.
Sidenote: No other attendees were dancing.

Holiday Parties - I attended as many as I could and had a blast! My wine tolerance has definitely increased and I'm becoming slowly (but surely) addicted to Moscato/insert other wine/liquor here.

Christmas Shopping - I usually make daily trips after work to the mall etc to work on my overqualified Christmas list (Yes overqualified because the list usually exceeds my $$$$) and I begrudgingly convince myself that the hustle and bustle is SUPPOSED to be associated with "the feeling" of Christmas. LIES!! Every year I get aggravated and every year I still do it. So THIS time I decided I would NOT stress over it AT ALL. I made a conscious decision to enjoy time with family and friends (novel idea huh?) and it was fab! One weekday, EARLY in the morning when I know beasts and their offspring are still hibernating, I went to the mall. It was so peaceful. It was as though the whole mall was open just for me (and the other handful of people who wanted to shop in peace too). A little boy (I'm guessing around 2 years old started running through the mall like an airplane. I took off in one sprint and while running said "I KNOW HOW YOU FEEEEEEEEEEL"...little boy slows down and looks at me like "what da..."

Ok I should be in bed (still in vaycay mode I tell you) so sharing some pics below.
I hope you have a wonderful prosperous New Year, enjoy life, count your blessings if you can and get your tuckus off the couch long enough to accomplish a goal or two!

Everyone is paying attention except the camera-whore (me)

fam love

The overzealous musical director at son's Christmas concert
No kidding there must've been a French Horn or some instrument that played one note for EVERY song, yet he smiled like a proud papa.
He also plays several instruments - you could not tell him he wasn't at Carnegie Hall!

Another sexy aunt

My aunt - the dancing queen - with Grandma

Grandma and Grandpa dancing at Christmas dinner...beautiful!

Yes they are wearing Saris smh lol

Chillin with my cousin J

"What? You never saw a dog in an animal hat before?"

Yes, this is how my mother-in-law actually wrapped my present...this is a big deal because she doesn't wrap presents...hey she's half-way there 0_o

The good life lol

Fun times!

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