Sunday, January 22, 2012

#DateChat at Beyond Perfection

Last Thursday we spent our afternoon chatting it up with The Massage Mogul, Robert Ballatt, on another series of his #DateChat tour. As we sipped on some after-work "libations" (I love this word Kayrene lol) and inhaled appetizers (courtesy Dmomita's Kitchen -- the spicy chicken salad is made with love!), we tackled the topic of men being from Mars and women being from Venus.
It was interesting to hear different point of views, especially from the men. The room comprised of men and women of all statuses (and ages): singles, dating couples, married people, divorcees, even a widow who recently decided to step back on to the dating scene. #DateChat speaks to everyone just trying to get a better understanding of the opposite sex and relationships.

What did #DateChat mean to me?
Men are not THAT different from women: They have insecurites (as "macho" as they pretend to be sometimes). They also have that inner dialogue that we women tend to have. Sometimes this hampers us. Stop the conversation in your head and have that convo with the person you're interested in. You might  meet someone fantastic! Chances are they were having a similar conversation in THEIR head. How will you know if both of you only talk to yourself?
Men PMS too! lol - Men would like us to think that WE are the over-sentimental, irrational, cry babies but ladies if you didn't already know, I am telling you: they can be just as moody! It is then our turn to blame hormones or the moon!

Men are still VERY different from women: They are completely clueless at times. Women are naturally more vocal, built on feelings and emotion (although I know some women who beg to differ). Men operate in a more literal way! Football, Sex, and Beer matter; our nagging doesn't. lol
Men need to be men. In as much as they do things to annoy us, (I hear the men screaming "y'all annoy us too!" lol) we have to be mindful that they still need to "feel themselves" (literally and figuratively). As women become increasingly independent, our maternal instinct meets powerhouse and we seem to not need men for anything more than just sex or a handyman around the house. Then when we're having an off-day and feel vulnerable, we flip the roles and want the men to take charge. WE ARE CONFUSING THEM! LOL This does not excuse all the audacious things that men do sometimes, but relationships are 50/50.

At the end of the day it's like Rob said, "Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus, and we are both just trying to meet on the Moon".

Here are some pics from the event (courtesy Cynthia of Dmomita's Kitchen):

Rasheena Brooks - owner of Beyond Perfection Unisex Hair Salon where the event was hosted.

The Massage Mogul, Robert Ballatt, and a guest.

Rob and I

Cynthia Davies - owner of Dmomita's Kitchen

Some of the guests

#DateChat in session

When you have hands like Rob, this is the effect you have on women!


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