Friday, April 13, 2012

Lambert Castle

I've always wanted to check out Lambert Castle, so yesterday was the perfect Spring day to do so.
The castle which was built in 1892, has a simple "rags to riches" history. Catholina Lambert migrated from London to the US, and after having worked his way up from office boy to co-partner in a silk business, he descended upon NJ and built the castle "reminiscent of the castles he recalled from his boyhood in England".

The world's largest collection of spoons are at the castle.
Why? I don't know, but the designs were pretty cool.

a harp from the music room...
...I would have loved to grow up with a music room in my house.

The decorative glass window was made when the couple's daughter died

It was nice to see the Obamas represented in the political room

A "mangler" used to wring the excess water from clothes before they were hung on a line to dry...

Me on the front lawn of Lambert Castle

This unassuming path could've been the death of me!
A leisurely afternoon stroll felt like I was on "Survivor"!

When you get to the top, here's another part of the castle... idea what purpose it served, but a fab place for wedding photos, parties etc
Well if you make it up the hill to party, great...
...the problem would be getting down after a few drinks lol
The view of NYC from the top of Lambert Castle

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