Friday, April 13, 2012

"Le Freak" by Nile Rodgers

"Le Freak" ~ Nile Rodgers autobiography

This is an awesome, inspirational book! I bought this book at the Nile Rodgers' event on Tuesday and finished it today (Fri), a mere few days later! To the voracious reader, that's normal but to average Joe Schmoe, that's just how good this book is! You would NOT want to put the book down! It is a funny, fairly easy-to-read perspective of some not so funny events which took place in the life of Nile Rodgers.

It re-iterates (at least to those, like myself, who believe in such) that life is not "by chance" but a string of events which happen for a reason. Sometimes we don't always know why, or understand the process, but it is necessary in our growth, or journey.

"Le Freak" is A MUST-READ, especially for the songwriters/ musicians out there who are still, like me, putting in their 10,000+ hours of work.

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