Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When a good girl goes MAD!!!!!...Pilar Sanders

Pilar Sanders
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Yesterday Twitterverse went crazy when the story broke about Pilar Sanders (allegedly) "jumping" Deion Sanders, her ex - or soon to be - husband.
When I first read the tweet Deion Sanders posted asking people to pray for his children because he was going to press charges against Pilar, I dismissed it thinking "Celebs...it's always something with them", but soon his tweet went viral and all social media sites tuned in to the drama, even me, fully equipped with a  tall glass of Shandy in one hand and blackberry in the other.
Supposedly Pilar and her friend gave him a serious beat-down inside their home in front of their kids.
This story, as serious (and sad) as it may be, is also hilarious!! When a woman's fed up...she goes CRAZY!! lol
Ok, firstly I don't approve of Deion publicizing details of his marriage - even if it IS in shambles. Running to twitter like a little b**ch to shed negative light on her was just distasteful - to me. Take your beating like a man Deion!!! lol Quite frankly if I was him, I would be embarrassed to share that.
Secondly, I'm not in any way condoning violence! Like Tionna Smalls said in her blog, Pilar should have fought smart and hit him in the pockets (High-five Vanessa Bryant!)...but I digress.

Having said that, I do find the situation hilarious. Here's why:
I could identify with Pilar!!!!! hahaha What woman (and be honest here ladies) doesn't have a little dose of crazy in her??? (Mother Theresa doesn't count).
Most of us, if we've met "the man of our dreams" who somehow ended up being an unforgettable heartache or a not-so-beautiful nightmare, or when we've discovered our husbands are cheating on us, or the lies our boyfriends tell us unfold, we immediately trangress from sweetheart to psycho...clearly it was a man (who did some shit) coined the phrase "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" lol
I called a friend (who shall remain nameless because not everyone knows the depth of her crazy lol) to regale the "good ole days" when WE operated in Pilar-mode. There was one time (not in band camp) when I chased an ex-boyfriend down the street with a can of spray starch. I was totally gonna buss his head wide open. Picture this: me barefoot (I think I was only wearing a huge t-shirt, I don't remember) running down the street after a guy who's yelling "what is WRONG with you???"...eventually he jumped into a taxi and they sped off before the can could connect with his head.
Then there was the time when my friend...well she has quite a few stories that I'm ashamed to disclose only because you are known by the company you keep, but let's just say she made reality star "New York" and Pilar herself look like child's play. She was smart enough to NOT get arrested though (I think the victim of her abuse was too afraid to report her o_0).

Tiffany "New York" Pollard

Anyway we all have a story where the "crazy" has reared its ugly head (stalking, checking cell phones/ smashing them to smithereens, doing drive-bys with your girlfriends, any kind of physical altercations, if you can relate to Madea, or if you thought "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate" was a good movie, getting a restraining order from 50 Cent - a man whose been shot 9 times?? 0_o Yes Vivica, I see you! Yup - all signs of the crazy!).
Ladies, we already know we should remove our ego from the equation and let him GO, but I know first hand that all it takes is a memory to trigger the crazy in us, and before you know it your mugshot is all over the internet. So unfortunately I don't have any real sound advice for you, except to try to not get caught and call my friend for tips at 718-555-...no wait! I mean think of the "chirrenz" (children) first, think about whether or not you look good in stripes or an orange jumpsuit, think "Is he worth it?" or are you worth more? !

Pilar's since been released and has a restraining order placed against her, but I honestly hope for the sake of the kids, they are able to work things out in a civil manner; and Deion, please leave Twitterverse for the (love) birds like Kim and Kanye -___-

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