Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When a good girl goes MAD!!!!!...Pilar Sanders

Pilar Sanders
(Google image)

Yesterday Twitterverse went crazy when the story broke about Pilar Sanders (allegedly) "jumping" Deion Sanders, her ex - or soon to be - husband.
When I first read the tweet Deion Sanders posted asking people to pray for his children because he was going to press charges against Pilar, I dismissed it thinking "Celebs...it's always something with them", but soon his tweet went viral and all social media sites tuned in to the drama, even me, fully equipped with a  tall glass of Shandy in one hand and blackberry in the other.
Supposedly Pilar and her friend gave him a serious beat-down inside their home in front of their kids.
This story, as serious (and sad) as it may be, is also hilarious!! When a woman's fed up...she goes CRAZY!! lol
Ok, firstly I don't approve of Deion publicizing details of his marriage - even if it IS in shambles. Running to twitter like a little b**ch to shed negative light on her was just distasteful - to me. Take your beating like a man Deion!!! lol Quite frankly if I was him, I would be embarrassed to share that.
Secondly, I'm not in any way condoning violence! Like Tionna Smalls said in her blog, Pilar should have fought smart and hit him in the pockets (High-five Vanessa Bryant!)...but I digress.

Having said that, I do find the situation hilarious. Here's why:
I could identify with Pilar!!!!! hahaha What woman (and be honest here ladies) doesn't have a little dose of crazy in her??? (Mother Theresa doesn't count).
Most of us, if we've met "the man of our dreams" who somehow ended up being an unforgettable heartache or a not-so-beautiful nightmare, or when we've discovered our husbands are cheating on us, or the lies our boyfriends tell us unfold, we immediately trangress from sweetheart to psycho...clearly it was a man (who did some shit) coined the phrase "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" lol
I called a friend (who shall remain nameless because not everyone knows the depth of her crazy lol) to regale the "good ole days" when WE operated in Pilar-mode. There was one time (not in band camp) when I chased an ex-boyfriend down the street with a can of spray starch. I was totally gonna buss his head wide open. Picture this: me barefoot (I think I was only wearing a huge t-shirt, I don't remember) running down the street after a guy who's yelling "what is WRONG with you???"...eventually he jumped into a taxi and they sped off before the can could connect with his head.
Then there was the time when my friend...well she has quite a few stories that I'm ashamed to disclose only because you are known by the company you keep, but let's just say she made reality star "New York" and Pilar herself look like child's play. She was smart enough to NOT get arrested though (I think the victim of her abuse was too afraid to report her o_0).

Tiffany "New York" Pollard

Anyway we all have a story where the "crazy" has reared its ugly head (stalking, checking cell phones/ smashing them to smithereens, doing drive-bys with your girlfriends, any kind of physical altercations, if you can relate to Madea, or if you thought "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate" was a good movie, getting a restraining order from 50 Cent - a man whose been shot 9 times?? 0_o Yes Vivica, I see you! Yup - all signs of the crazy!).
Ladies, we already know we should remove our ego from the equation and let him GO, but I know first hand that all it takes is a memory to trigger the crazy in us, and before you know it your mugshot is all over the internet. So unfortunately I don't have any real sound advice for you, except to try to not get caught and call my friend for tips at 718-555-...no wait! I mean think of the "chirrenz" (children) first, think about whether or not you look good in stripes or an orange jumpsuit, think "Is he worth it?" or are you worth more? !

Pilar's since been released and has a restraining order placed against her, but I honestly hope for the sake of the kids, they are able to work things out in a civil manner; and Deion, please leave Twitterverse for the (love) birds like Kim and Kanye -___-

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lambert Castle

I've always wanted to check out Lambert Castle, so yesterday was the perfect Spring day to do so.
The castle which was built in 1892, has a simple "rags to riches" history. Catholina Lambert migrated from London to the US, and after having worked his way up from office boy to co-partner in a silk business, he descended upon NJ and built the castle "reminiscent of the castles he recalled from his boyhood in England".

The world's largest collection of spoons are at the castle.
Why? I don't know, but the designs were pretty cool.

a harp from the music room...
...I would have loved to grow up with a music room in my house.

The decorative glass window was made when the couple's daughter died

It was nice to see the Obamas represented in the political room

A "mangler" used to wring the excess water from clothes before they were hung on a line to dry...

Me on the front lawn of Lambert Castle

This unassuming path could've been the death of me!
A leisurely afternoon stroll felt like I was on "Survivor"!

When you get to the top, here's another part of the castle...
...no idea what purpose it served, but a fab place for wedding photos, parties etc
Well if you make it up the hill to party, great...
...the problem would be getting down after a few drinks lol
The view of NYC from the top of Lambert Castle

"Le Freak" by Nile Rodgers

"Le Freak" ~ Nile Rodgers autobiography

This is an awesome, inspirational book! I bought this book at the Nile Rodgers' event on Tuesday and finished it today (Fri), a mere few days later! To the voracious reader, that's normal but to average Joe Schmoe, that's just how good this book is! You would NOT want to put the book down! It is a funny, fairly easy-to-read perspective of some not so funny events which took place in the life of Nile Rodgers.

It re-iterates (at least to those, like myself, who believe in such) that life is not "by chance" but a string of events which happen for a reason. Sometimes we don't always know why, or understand the process, but it is necessary in our growth, or journey.

"Le Freak" is A MUST-READ, especially for the songwriters/ musicians out there who are still, like me, putting in their 10,000+ hours of work.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Me and Mr "Le Freak": Nile Rodgers

Firstly I want to thank the Songwriters Hall of Fame for such an astounding Master session last night at NYU. Secondly a huge thank you to my friend Regi who told me about the event.
There I was able to meet "Le Freak" himself, Mr. Nile Rodgers.

Nile Rodgers
Many of you might not be familiar with the name, but I am almost certain you know his "remarkable body of work", as the Songwriters Hall of Fame has so accurately noted.
Songs like the infamous "Le Freak", "We Are Family", "Like A Virgin" and "I'm Coming Out" (you cannot read that title without breaking out into song!) are all accredited to the incredibly talented Nile Rodgers.

Phil Galdston (who has an extensive body of work himself) interviewed Nile and it was an absolute treat!

Phil Galdston
Nile is easy-going, has a great sense of humor, an extreme down-to-earth, very humane quality for someone who's worked with the "crème de la crème" (as he wittingly referenced how his band came up with the name "Chic"). Nile has worked with Madonna, Sister Sledge, Duran Duran, Diana Ross and so many more.
Despite his colorful life story, as ALL successful people do, Nile beat the odds. He grew up in a time where racism had no undertones, his parents were drug addicts, he moved around a lot, yet he is a phenomenal musician, an international success and a living legend; a true inspiration to songwriters like myself and pretty much ANYONE who has the will to succeed.

Phil Galdston and Nile Rodgers during the interview

Talk about knowing your instrument!

Nile told us a very funny story about the song "Le Freak". Apparently some people think the song is "Aaaaaaaaaafrica, L'Afrique, so chic" but it's actually "Ahhhhhhhhh Freak Out, Le Freak, c'est chic"....so it's a big hit to Africans and needless to say Nile is a big hit there as well! lol

Nile regaling how "I'm Coming Out" became a major success for Ms Diana Ross

Some familiar faces were there as well, actor Delroy Lindo, who instinctively leaned over a little when taking this pic with me, and wasn't ostentatious about his powerful 6 foot plus frame!

Nile asking about my name (which is from the Barry Manilow hit)...
 and me explaining that it's only awkward when your OBGYN sings it to you...during the exam!

Pictured with the multi-talented Nile Rodgers, hoping that some of his genius would rub off on me!

Nile is a songwriter, an arranger, producer, composer, musical professional in every sense of the word, and most recently author. Nile has written "Le Freak"; a few pages in and I didn't want to put the book down! It is as captivating as the man himself! Anyway, hopefully you'll get your hands on a copy and read about one of the most brilliant musical forces of our time.

Monday, April 2, 2012

What I've been up to lately?

Hey all! I know I've been MIA; been busy with a host of things but soon I'll update you guys with decent posts :)
Recently returned from vacation in Trinidad. My fam and I all surprised my grandfather for his 90th birthday! Yes 90! And thank God he is in the best of life, health and strength!
I have a slew of pics to post so as soon as I have a moment I will!

I'm also super excited for my friend, Robert Ballatt, a.k.a. The Massage Mogul, whose book "#DateChat The Book: The Dating Survival Guide" is finally on sale today via Amazon!! YAY!! I was so honored when Rob asked me to write the foreword for his book, and it's finally here people!

Rob's first book signing will be held this Wednesday (4/4/12) from 7-9pm at Beyond Perfection in Rahway, NJ.
OK, I'm off and running again; check back soon!
Much Luv,