Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How much wood...

...could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? WHO CARES?????? All I know is that little rodent saw his shadow and that means six more weeks of WINTER?????!!!!! Ok first of all, whose idea was it to NAME the groundhog? (sideways glance)...WILLIE and PHIL???? smh ('shaking my head' for those of you who are not hip ( it even hip to still say 'hip'? my son told me I'm so 2009! lol). Secondly, who made the groundhog the weather man/pet? The world is a sad place when we rely on a rat to tell us how much longer we need to bundle up.

Anywhooo, as for THE GRAMMYS.

My best friend and I had a serious discussion about the Grammys. She thought it was 'the worst ever'...but I beg to differ! I LOVED it! I thought they were all amazing performances! Where do I begin? Lady Gaga? Phenomenal! I love her..she zones out when she plays and is totally engrossed in her performance...ok so I might not wanna sit directly behind one of her head pieces at a show but I'd still love her. (My bff loves her too btw).
Jamie Foxx - funny and so talented. Love the Opera bit of his performance.
Pink - my new hero, did her trapeze act WHILE singing... wet... and in heels?! That deserves applause!
And Beyonce? Moved across the stage on her knees while twirling her head around and around and around, got up, continued singing, never missed a beat or a note (and did not stagger either)? Well I went home and tried to re-enact Bey's performance. I decided 'how hard could THAT be'! It didn't matter that I had no music, no knee pads and about 2 (or was it 3?) glasses of wine at the Grammy that moment I said to myself "I could be Beyonce". I got down on my knees and...they started buckling from the pressure of my weight! Did I stop there? Nope! I tried to swish across my living room, on my knees of course, while humming Alanis Morrissette "You Oughta Know" to myself. Well my knees now look like the prototype for a grater and as for the twirling of the head, I almost gave myself a damn concussion! I heard crick-crack and that was it...I was down for the count! So you know what? Beyonce gets two thumbs up from me JUST for that!

Here I am proud that I finally was able to get off the floor!

At the Grammy Party with Daniela, Regi and Galia

And could I just say how much I LUV Rihanna?!

Rihanna - Essence Pics

Here she is looking gorgeous at the Grammy Awards and I LUV this dress!

Quick sidenotes: 1. Happy Bday to my niece Leilani and my friend's daughter Mai.
2. Today, 140 years ago, the 15th amendment was passed allowing ALL citizens to vote despite race or color.


AnaMontes said...

LUV LUV LUV GAGA!!!!!!!! <3 and Pink!!> new role model !!!!!
lol lol for your attempt at "the beyonce". why didnt u use ur knew pads?? ;)

ana montes

AnaMontes said...

as for the stupid groundhog, why does nobody play "whack a mole" when he comes up? then he wont see his shadow :D