Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MY Winter Wonderland Lyrics

Here's the thing, are you listening?
Right now outside, it is snowing,
A beautiful sight, but I won't be happy tonight
When I'm shovelling in this Winter Wonderland

Gone away, are my supers
And I'm left, in this stupor
To clean up these files
Will be here for a while
Working in this Winter Wonderland

In the driveway I could build a snowman
Just the thought of that sure gets me down
He'll say: are you on vacation?
I'll say: No man!!
Then I'll get pissed off & kick him down!

Later on, I'll conspire
As I thaw out, by the fire
I'll sit there and hate
on all those who went away
And left me in this Winter Wonderland

Cause in Trini right now there's no snowman
I'm sure they're having fun acting like clowns
drinking, partying and chilling at the oh man
the beach sure would turn my frown upside down

When it snows, it aint' thrilling
And my butt, sure is freezing
I'd frolic and play, if only I went away
Far away from this Winter Wonderland....

on an islaaaaaaaaaaaand,
far from thiiiiiiiis

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