Friday, February 19, 2010

So Beyonce DID make it to Trinidad after all

Beyonce spotted in Trinidad
(Google Images)

They fussed, hooted and hollered that Beyonce would take away from their revenue in the aftermath of Carnival, but the R&B D-D-DIVA made it to Trinidad after all to perform yesterday.
Some of my friends who attended the concert said that she KILLED IT (as usual) and so did local performers Machel Montano and Destra.
I wish I was there (even at $1600TT a pop! Yes that's how much they paid for tickets, VIP I think...about $260 US)
I heart Beyonce. I think she's a phenomenal entertainer and if you listen to her "I AM...YOURS" cd live in Vegas, that girl's got some pipes on her! (My friend, Michelle, is probably rolling her eyes and fussing as she reads this but that's ok! We agree to disagree sometimes lol)

As for those of you who may not know what Carnival is, it is a FUN parade throughout the streets of Trinidad. Actually it is a VERY big event in Trinidad and Tobago and the partying starts RIGHT AFTER Christmas (yes, we Trinis party any and every chance we get lol). It is an entire production: the parties, the steelpan competitions, soca (a.k.a. calypso) competitions and of course the parade. The parade last for 2 days, usually the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday...yes it's so nice, they do it twice lol. The costumes are gorgeous (and sometimes rather skimpy - so you fellas will have plenty eye candy! :)  but it is something you should experience at least once in your lifetime (so put it on your "bucket list" now! lol)

Here is my darling friend, Jo, sexy as ever in her costume!

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