Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I fell in love and I wanna share...

...well not share with you LITERALLY lol...but continue reading...

Kinky Curly Custard

I read an article on Essence blog about Alicia Keys' hair. The particular hairstyle she had in that article was a natural wavy type look. They recommended a gel called Kinky-Curly so I thought I'd try it and let me tell you how I LOVE this product!!!
I've been growing out my natural hair (meaning NO relaxers, thanks to encouragement from my cousin, Jamella). That was NOT an easy task because (1) I have thick hair and (2) when you are making the transition from relaxed hair to au natural it is a CHALLENGE!!!
There were MANY days when I washed my hair then looked in the mirror and saw Chaka Khan on crack staring back at me. But in recent months I have bit the bullet...or rather the wide tooth comb...and I am falling in love all over again with my natural hair.

See in picture below Exhibit A:

This is how my hair looks now (with the Kinky-Curly gel)
(when you don't have a personal photographer in your entourage this is the best you could do...lol)

At first I thought 'hmm, this is different but I'm kinda feeling this', so off to work I went. To my surprise a LOT of people have complimented me on the new look so I figure I really have to share this with you guys, especially if there is anyone out there who is trying to make the transition with their hair but is having the same dilemma. This is one way to rock a new look (this is Day 2 of new look :)

I found the gel at Ricky's in the city but you could check out their website (http://kinky-curly.com/shop.php) for more retail locations as well as other products.


What Was I Thinking? said...


My daughter has that kinky, curly, "my great grandmother was some type of Indian" hair that is so difficult for me to manage, so I just twist it all the time, although she is ALWAYS begging to wear it out natural. I have given in a few times and sent her off to school with a beautiful wavy, curly do that was a frizzy, bushy, YO MAMMA DON'T TAKE CARE OF YOU do by the end of the day.

So long story short...I'm going to try it!

AnaMontes124 said...

gasp. i went back to natural too... but for me it means something entirely differet..(i got rid of my highlights). yay for being brunette again.