Monday, March 8, 2010

Race, Mo'Nique and the Oscars!

I finally caught "Race" on Broadway this weekend. It is a very compelling play with incendiary performances by James Spader, Kerry Washington, David Alan Grier and Richard Thomas. The language is coarse and raw but definitely meant to stir your emotions and make you think. A must-see if you're in NY and looking for a stunning play.
Kerry Washington (in Race)
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 I absolutely luv her...she is much tinier than I expected but her voice is powerful and commanding!

And speaking of powerful, did you happen to catch Mo'Nique's speech at the Oscars? Wow! Kudos to her! I love her because she seems so down-to-earth (I love that she does not shave her legs and doesn't care either! lol)
Congratulations on your Oscar win Mo'Nique, and for being the 5th African American female to win this award (preceded by Hattie McDaniels, Whoopi Goldberg, Halle Berry and Jennifer Hudson).

Mo'Nique accepting her award
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Now the ONLY reason I watched the Oscars this year was because of Mo'Nique. Yes, some of you might be thinking "gasp!" as you LIVE for Oscar night, (I know someone who rents a tux, his wife gets dressed in a gown and they sit in front of the tv all dressed up to be a part of the show...uhmmmm a little weird for me but hey whatever floats their boat) but it is one of the most BORING award shows EVER!! An hour and a half into it and NO MUSIC??
I wasn't too thrilled with Doogie Howser what's-his-name opening the show with that sarcastic lame skit but I said 'hey, he's doing his thing' and somewhere along the line I figured they'd inject a performance or two...NADA! Then I remembered that is exactly why I don't watch that show!
Now when I'M going up for my award I will want everybody and their momma to watch, but in the meantime this is my 'never humble' opinion :)

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Al, Sylvia and Darion!!

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(I know someone who rents a tux, his wife gets dressed in a gown and they sit in front of the tv all dressed up to be a part of the show... <blank (trying to be)unjudgemental stare.