Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nets/ Clippers game

Went to the Nets/Clippers game on Friday. It was a REALLY good game. I was rooting for the Clippers since my son is a Blake Griffin fan, but both teams played really well, especially Jordan Farmer and Kim Kardashian's boo, Kris Humphries.
The Nets were down by about 10 in the first half and I was almost sure the Clippers were going to win...but the Nets made a come-back and in the last quarter tied 94-94. They went into overtime and the finally the Nets won 102 - 98.

Blake Griffin

Kris Humphries

And the highlight of the game for me was when the dinosaur got into a fight with someone in the crowd! I don't know what happened but all I saw was a big fluorescent green dino diving into the crowd! hahahaha Like really? You're wearing this big girly dino outfit? WHAT could the guy have possibly done to piss off the dino? Pull his tail? (literally?) It was tooo funny! Security had to physically remove the dinosaur! Hilarious!

Dino being hurled away ! ^^^ lol

After the show there was a performance by Hezekiah Walker and his choir! I think it was rehearsal for his concert this weekend right there in Prudential.
Hezekiah Walker

It was a long but fun night!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Makes you wonder what sparked the fight with the mascot...??? That's great you enjoyed the game. Side bar => I can't keep up with K.K.'s boyfriends :/

Erica Rivera

Marion J said...

CYAHCYAHCYAHCYAH!!!! The question is...who put the beat down on who? Who got the cut-yuh-ass-saurus!!! Cyah cyah. Can you believe I have never been to a live BB match (well not in the states) and that just sucks! :-( I'm hoping the next time I cross the pond, I will be able to squeeze a game in. :-) And if 2-jabs Barney could be there too, it would make my day! LOL!!!

Mandy Bennett said...

Erica I can't keep up with KK either lol

Marion this is the team we would have seen when we went to LA since the Lakers were sold out. Maybe next time you visit we could catch a game.