Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"When we narrow our focus, the problem seems everything" ~ Mark Nepo

I had a beautiful weekend which turned into chaos at the beginning of the week. Sometimes you wonder how one moment could transition into another so well, yet the very next moment could morph into a headache! LIFE !
I had to walk away, pray and re-group. This morning life is better again...not perfect...but better.
It's all about perspective. When you focus on the problem, it sucks all your energy, your joy, your very being! When you focus on the solution(s), YOU take control, YOU make the choice to be happy.
You decide!

It is not always easy, but possible.

"Very often, we continue, out of habit or fear,
to behave in old ways
even though we know that the way of things has changed.
Time and again, I have found myself at this crucial juncture: having to admit that what was essential
is no longer essential
 and then needing to summon the courage to make the act of living essential again."
~ Mark Nepo

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