Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Late Nights and Early Mornings

Besides becoming the story of my life, it's also the title of Marsha Ambrosius' new album.

I fell in love with her voice and style when I heard her sing "Four Women" (click here to see her awesome performance with the phenomenal Jill Scott, Ledisi and Kelly Price).
This album is growing on me...it didn't quite grab me right away, except for "Far Away" which I LOVE and "Butterflies" which I recently found out she penned for the greatest entertainer of all time - Michael Jackson! But having listened to it a few times, I like "Lose Myself", "I Want You To Stay" and I LOVE the music in "Sour Times"...such a sexy song!

Speaking of sexy, my cousins and I discovered this statue at a cute little French restaurant in NY this past weekend. At first we thought it was quite the conversation piece, and later found out that the sculpture was actually designed after 2 women...the top half of the body is one lady and the bottom half is another...ah, the French ...c'est la vie!

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